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Citizen Quartz Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen has truly set the bar when it comes to watches that utilize quartz technology. They have crafted some of the best quartz watches in the world, combining both the style and functionality that puts this storied company a notch above the competition. There is always one thing that you can count on from our friends at Citizen, you will get a high quality, accurate, and stylish wristwatch for a price that simply cannot be beat by their competitors. This is one of the many reasons Citizen has claimed the title of being the worlds largest watchmaker.

The benefits you receive from a Citizen quartz watch are subtle and not easily observable to the naked eye, because with these watches it is all about accuracy. Citizen quartz timepieces will enjoy precision timekeeping within .01 seconds per day of accuracy.

About Quartz Movements

Originating in the late 1950’s, quartz movements were first used as a method to keep time in standard clocks. This technology was adapted for use in wristwatches several years after it was first used in regular clocks. The first actual quartz watch offered to consumers was the historic Seiko Astro.

The basic science behind quartz movements stems from the fact that when you run an electrical current through quartz crystal, the crystal will begin to resonate at a specific frequency.  It was discovered that you can very accurately measure time by recording and measuring the frequency at which the quartz is vibrating. The measurement of this frequency is what is used as a reference point to very accurately keep track of time. There is some general circuit logic built into how this is done, but basically the vibrations are counted and the watch converts these measurements in order to track time.

When this technology first hit the market it was groundbreaking for the watch industry.  Typical mechanical watches and clocks had many weaknesses, including the need to wind and accuracy within 10-15 seconds of a day.  Thus, for every week you lose roughly 1 minute of accuracy in your watch until you get it wound.

Quartz movement watches, by contrast, are much more scientific and accurate.  You only loose about a half of a second per day, which makes them 20-30 times more accurate that traditional mechanical movements.  What is even more amazing is the fact that quartz movement watches are much cheaper to manufacture since the electronic components are pretty basic, almost like a calculator.

This is one of the primary reasons nearly every Citizen watch has quartz based movements, so they can package in a multitude of features without putting the price burden on the consumer usually associated with traditional watches with mechanical movements. This technology has allowed Citizen to grow and expand their reputation of being able to offer a ton of features, and extensive functionality, for an extremely competitive price. Although not as flashy or elegant as a luxury watch with mechanical movements, watches featuring quartz technology have all of the functionality and accuracy most consumers could ever need in a wristwatch.

Thermoline Quartz

Advancements in technology spurned additional precision in timekeeping, and a specific type of quartz movement you will find frequently referenced is Thermoline.  This is basically an expansion and improvement on the traditional quartz technology and it offers consumers more precise and accurate measurements, boasting accuracy right down to 5 seconds per year!  What separates the Thermoline quartz from other quartz movements is that it has the unique ability to withstand variations in temperature that cause inaccuracies in watches with normal quartz movements. 

Eco Drive Quartz Watches

Perhaps my favorite of all the Citizen Watch collections, Eco Drive watches are innovative, stylish and best of all – completely renewable and green friendly. Eco Drive technology is basically the combination of solar powered charging technology, with the accuracy and efficiency of quartz movements. These watches are all completely rechargeable and you never need to replace the battery.

If you look at online reviews, many customers state that the Eco Drive still runs perfect after even 5-10 years of use. If you are in the market for a reasonably priced wristwatch that will not give you any problems for years to come, check out any of Citizen’s models as most feature their world renowned quartz movements.

If you take one thing from this article it is this, please take the time to shop around online for these watches. You are simply paying too much when you go to a traditional retailer to purchase any name brand watch. Citizen watches specifically will usually have online discounts of over 40% when compared to retail prices. Do the right thing and shop online, but don’t be a sucker for an easy scam! There are tons of sites out their waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting online consumer.


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    • Eric Saville profile image

      Eric Saville 7 years ago from London, England

      Thanks Laughing...great SN by the way. It is really interesting to see the progression of technology with timepieces, where as traditional hand made instruments are prized by collectors where the quartz and automated movement watches are much cheaper. Funny because the quartz is so much more accurate.

      I again appreciate the comment!

    • laughing loon profile image

      Lynda -Bailey 7 years ago from South Los Angeles

      This was an interesting Hub. When I go out at Christmas and buy watches I will read this article again. I had no idea that quartz move ment was so inovative. I know that ather effects watches from the ommercial when I was a child with a watch attached to a speed skater's skate and then it was checked. Thanks for the eye opening information.