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Citizen Radio Controlled Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

The radio-controlled watches offered by Citizen are truly remarkable timepieces because of the simple fact that they NEVER display anything but the perfectly accurate ATOMICLY MEASURED TIME! That’s right, these watches receive radio frequencies broadcasting the time measured by atomic clocks. The watch will correct the date and time automatically, and can even adjust to different time zones with the push of a button.

How it works...

A radio wave is transmitted early in the morning that sets the time for you each day – talk about convenience! In addition to the easy of use associated with never having to wind a watch, Radio Controlled Watches are accurate to within 10−9 seconds per day.

Your watch will automatically receive the signal, so there are no technical barriers you need to worry about. The only thing you really need to be concerned with is choosing which mode or time you want displayed. Additionally you need to make sure that the watch is in an optimal position to receive the radio signal. Let me elaborate these both points to make sure the benefits of these amazing watches are clearly apparent.

If you are seriously considering the purchase of a Citizen watch, I highly suggest checking out some of the insider sites, which can give you great deals.

Time Settings

Citizen Radio Controlled watches feature several different modes, with a press button adjustment marked with an M in most instances. Pressing the M button will allow you to filter through these various modes, each of which allow you to control a specific type of timekeeping, such as setting the time zone. For example, you could set your Citizen automatically with the click of a button to instantly display either EUR time, or JPN (Japan) time, just to name a few.

Other Citizen models have you pull out the crown to select the world time of your choice. Most World Edition Perpetual A-T models allow you to choose the time zone in this way. On a side note, the Limited Edition World Perpetual A-T is one of the most beautiful Radio Controlled Watches offered by Citizen. The style and functionality offered in this watch is truly spectacular.

The Citizen watch will automatically correct to the corresponding mode you have selected by receiving a radio transmission according to your specific selection. This process takes about 2-8 minutes, and will see your second hand bouncing around. The watch will indicate time normally for the rest of the day after it receives the signal early in the morning.

Getting a good signal

Should you have problems, you can manually prompt the watch to receive the signal at anytime by pressing and holding the B button. This is when you will notice the second hand bouncing as referenced in the previous paragraph.  The larger the second hand bounces to the right near the 15-second mark, the stronger the signal reception you are receiving.  As you move the watch in different directions it will be obviously apparent which direction is receiving the strongest signal. 

If you cannot obtain a signal for some reason, the watch will default back to the most recent signal time settings.  Common places where I can’t find a signal are similar to a cell phones – planes, trains, subway, concrete buildings, etc.  There are specifically problems at times in large cities, but for the most part you will eventually find a location that will receive a signal. 

Selected Models

Most of the radio-controlled watches you will find range between fully functioning professional timepieces, such as Citizen Diver watches or Citizen Perpetual A-T watches, and more simplified and fashion oriented watches, such as the Sapphire. The main question I ask when someone asks me for a recommendation is how they plan on using it.

If you’re thinking about some serious yachting, flying, or diving then a radio- controlled watch such as the Skyhawk A-T will be the perfect choice.

This technology is combined with Citizen’s world renowned Eco Drive technology and together in models featured in their most recent “Unstoppable” ad campaign. The diverse array of Citizen watches featuring Radio Controlled timekeeping ensure that every consumer will find a watch to suite their specific need. Other notable models include, the Chrono-Time A-T, the Blue Angels Skyhawk A-T, and my personal favorite the Limited Edition World Perpetual A-T. These are incredible watches showcasing the combination of style and functionality that has become the trademark of the Citizen watch company.

For those more fashionably inclined, then I would suggest the Sapphire or the Limited Edition World perpetual with a genuine crocodile strap, two of my favorite formal timepieces offered by Citizen.


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