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Citizen Sailhawk

Updated on December 18, 2010

A discontinued, but still popular and historic collection, the Citizen Sailhawk is an excellent boating companion for yacht masters around the world. Even if you don’t actually sail, own a yacht or boat, the combination of features and style offered in the Sailhawk are enough to make the purchase worthwhile for almost any consumer. 

True yachting enthusiasts will remember this collection because Citizen offered a special edition Stars and Stripes model commemorating the 2003 America’s Cup, the world series of sailing and an international competition that pre-dates even the Olympics. This watch is the perfect accessory for a variety of circumstances, and the defining characteristics of this watch are its’ extensive functionality and ability to precisely measure time. You can be a sailor, diver, or simply someone who has a need to always have the perfectly correct time – the applications are really endless, and in the end having solid chronographic functionality is a necessity for a number of end users.


These watches come equipped with a vast array of features, and it can be quiet intimidating as there is a decent learning curve when you first get your hands on the Sailhawk. My recommendation is to carefully study the manual, and when necessary browse the online forums and blogs for advice. In fact, readers should be sure to check out another article of mine titled “Using a Citizen Watch” for tons of helpful tips.

In terms of specs let us dive, or in this case, sail right into some details of the Sailhawks’ extensive functions:

  • Analog and Digital display
  • Eco Drive Japanese Quartz movement
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water Resistance to 100m
  • 24 hr, 60 min, 60 sec and 1/100 registers chrono
  • 99 minute timer
  • Yacht racing timer
  • 22 time zone calendar
  • Duo-directional rotating bezel with 0-60 countdown

What the above functionality really offers to end-users is extreme versatility in the sense that you can use the Sailhawks’ features in many different combination's for a variety of uses.   I personally find the 22 time zone calendar to be a really interesting talking point when someone asks about this watch.  Although this is not an extremely stylish watch when compared to other more luxurious Citizen models, it is unique enough at first glance that it tends to draw a lot of attention and questions.  Good thing you can spend hours discussing the different functions of this watch!  If your are lucky enough to own a Sailhawk, be sure to let anyone asking know that this watch can tell time just about anywhere in the world, which is really a pretty cool feature considering it’s packed into something you wear on your wrist.

Design and Composition

The Sailhawk is typically a more dominant and clunky design for a wristwatch, but this is to be expected with the features offered specifically to cater to more professional users. You certainly are not going to buy this thing for a formal dinner party or night out at the club with your friends.

The clasp and band that Citizen features In the Sailhawk line are very nice, and fit comfortably on most wrists. Even with its larger size, this watch will feel very lightweight, almost like an extension of your body. The clasp is tri-fold, and there is a security flip-lock that is added for functionality and comfort.

Most models come with a satin polished case and are made of stainless steel. The color combinations will vary, and I personally opt for a silver toned model. The style itself is very sporty, and fitting for just about any outdoor occasion. As mentioned above, be sure to check out the special edition Stars and Stripes Edition Sailhawk. Although this model is older, if you can get your hands on one, it is truly a unique piece for any serious watch enthusiasts’ collection.

History of Citizen and its Famous Eco Drive Technology

Citizen’s watches, and more specifically the companies’ trademark logo, are recognized in almost any country in the world. Based in Japan, the Citizen Holdings Company was officially founded in 1924, and they have offered consumers high quality watches for a variety of occasions for the entire history of this famous firm. Citizen maintains a core focus on sporty and modern watch styles, always bringing its’ customers the most cutting edge technology. Citizen’s own website boasts that they have the most “firsts” in the industry, as they always offer the most advanced and unique technology in their watches well before their competitors offer similar features.

The most famous of these technologies is Citizens’ Eco Drive tech. The Citizen Eco Drive was introduced in 1995 and has quickly become one of the top selling watch models in the world. Citizen has numerous lines of the Eco Drive that offer completely rechargeable timekeeping powered by some of the most advanced technology in the world, mainly using solar energy to charge the watches’ battery. This makes the Eco Drive watches from Citizen some of the most environmentally friendly on the market. Although there are specific lines of Eco Drive watches, Citizen has begun to incorporate this technology in most of its’ watches due to its’ unbelievable popularity.

Why you should buy one

The Sailhawk is priced well below the $500 mark, and I often recommend these models to customers with a low budget that are drooling for a watch that offers all the extra features.  If you are a numbers guy, you will love this kind of watch, and I can assure you it will be well worth they price you pay for your purchase.


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