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Citizen Signature Watch Collection

Updated on December 27, 2010

Unique and amazing luxury.  It’s just that simple when you consider the Citizen Signature watch collection.  Traditionally known for simple and reliable watches, Citizen has transformed their image with the changing times and now offers some of the most stylish and technologically advanced watches in the world.  

The Citizen Signature Collection is the culmination of 90 years of watch making experience.  It embodies a new type of style and luxury

A Truly Unique Collection

The Citizen Watch Co. has earned their place as the largest watch manufacturer in the world for one simple reason, they make amazing timepieces.   The Signature Collection is truly the most unique and luxurious line of watches Citizen has ever created.   These are no ordinary Citizen watches, the Signature Collection takes affordable luxury to a new level. 

The Signature Collection offers the luxury and craftsmanship you would expect from luxury watchmakers such as Cartier or Rolex, at a fraction of the price.   Each and every watch in this storied collection is hand assembled and comes standard with features such as Anti-Reflective Sapphire Glass, and water resistance up to 100M.   Of course these watches also feature Citizen’s historic Eco Drive technology, guaranteeing you will never have to replace the battery on this watch.

Citizen Signature Watches

The Citizen Signature Collection offers luxury watch enthusiasts several amazing models.  Follows is a list of models in the Citizen Signature Collection, I hope it will help you to decide which watch is right for you;

For Men

  • Grand Complication (5 styles)
  • Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph ( 5 Styles)
  • Flyback Chronograph (4 Styles)
  • Perpetual Calendar  (4 Styles)
  • Octavia Diamond Series (4 Styles)

For Women

  • Quattro Diamond Series (9 Models)

Each individual model comes in a variety of styles, number notes in parentheses, making sure anyone can find a watch that suites their needs and tastes.

Select Styles of Citizen Signature watches

Although each and every model in the Citizen Signature Collection is a unique and incredible timepiece, there are a few styles that rightly stand out as some of the finest watches the world has ever seen. My personal favorite and the most notable styles in the Citizen Signature Collection are:

Top Men’s Signature Styles

  • Grand Complication BZ0000-50A
  • Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph AV3000-56H
  • Flyback Chronograph AV1000-06E, featuring a black leather strap with red stitching
  • Perpetual Calendar L8070-08A & BL8080-55E

Top Women’s Signature Styles

  • Quattro Diamond EW2070-51E
  • Quattro Diamond EW2060-54Y
  • Quattro Diamond EW2066-58D

To see all the above models in detail just visit Citizen Signature Collection’s amazing website;

This site is really well done with flash movies of the models and a detailed history of the collection.

Buying a Citizen Signature Watch

When your looking for a luxury watch, and you don’t want to justify spending $5,000 or more, look no further than the Citizen Signature Collection.  Most models are priced around $1,250, with a large number falling in the under $1,000 price range.  These prices make Citizen Signature some of the most affordable watches on the market.  Some high-end retailers carry these watches but to find the best prices you have to look online for a Citizen Signature Watch.  No matter where you eventually purchase one of these historic timepieces, I promise you will not be disappointed!


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