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Citizen Women's Silhouette Watches

Updated on February 27, 2011

If you are looking for an affordable accessory, the Citizen Silhouette watch collection may just offer you that perfectly priced and boldly designed wristwatch you have been looking for all year. Classy enough for evening wear, and minimalist enough at the same time that you can get away with also wearing the Silhouette in a more casual setting. Simply put, the Silhouette offers incredible value and style to anyone looking for a great watch from Citizen.

A true testament to this watches’ quality and craftsmanship are the ratings of these watches on You will find a ton of 5 out of 5 star ratings for the Silhouette watch collection. Powered with Citizen Eco Drive technology, this watch offers something to the environmentally friendly consumer other than amazing style.

Design and Appeal

The Silhouette series clearly caters to women with its’ more petite and feminine stylistic overtones. They are crafted from stainless steel, yet they still pull off the appearance that you are wearing a high-end wristwatch, such as a Rolex of Cartier.  Citizen offers both the Bangle and Sport, with the latter being characterized by more of a sleek and rounded design.

If you’re looking for an elegant band, the Silhouette delivers a very classy tie and it will certainly draw more attention than say a leather strap. Citizen is recognized worldwide, especially with their recent marketing campaigns found in numerous ads, both online and printed in magazines.

The silhouette is very comfortable, and the size is not so overwhelming as compared to some of the other more feature and functionality focused collections. It has a certain geometric balance that I find intriguing, as there is a certain element of beauty in simplicity.


Your Silhouette will measure around 20 millimeters in diameter, and will come as polished stainless steel. It will feature a scratch less mineral dial window, and push button clasp for ease in adornment. Clearly Citizen has taken the approach of focusing more on a subtle design fashion, which is a stark contrast to some of their more sporty collections such as the Promaster.

As I previously mentioned, the Silhouette watch from Citizen incorporates Eco Drive technology. With this feature you basically need to stand in the sun for a couple of hours to make sure you have enough power. The benefit is that you will never need to change the battery, and the personal satisfaction that your purchase is helping the environment.

Amazing Style and Luxury, Dirt Cheap Price

Its really quiet simple, the Citizen Silhouette is one of the best looking ladies watches on the market for the price. If you have the time to look around on Amazon, you can find many Silhouettes priced just above $100! That is one incredible deal for the satisfaction, and praise, you will get from wearing such a stylish watch.


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