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Citizen Skyhawk Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

The Citizen Skyhawk watch collection is a breathtaking salute to aviators around the globe, and combines both bold aesthetic appeal with the innovative technology we have come to love from Citizen. A perfect choice for a casual sport watch, the Citizen Skyhawk is one of my personal favorites and offers an economically viable purchase compared too many competing brands.

Features and Appeal

The Skyhawk watch is a sleek and sporty wristwatch that offers the truly unique feature of atomic timekeeping equipped with radio-controlled accuracy on the majority of the Sykhawk models. This technology allows the Skyhawk watch to synch with the atomic clocks of Citizen and automatically selects the proper frequency based upon location of your home time zone. Thus, you will always be displaying the exactly perfect time.

In addition to this incredible accuracy in timekeeping you also have the additional benefits of the Citizen Eco Drive technology that has made Citizen so famous in recent years. The Skyhawk is solar powered, and will automatically recharge whenever exposed to sunlight.

Additionally, most Citizen Skyhawk watches will come with alarm features, digital display, and perpetual calendar timekeeping.

Asthetic Qualities

You immediately see the aviation theme that Citizen takes with the Skyhawk Collection. The watch itself has a resemblance to the instruments that one would find in an airplane cockpit. Most Skyhawk watches offer chronograph functionality, and also feature an aviation slide rule, both of which appeal to aviation enthusiasts looking for a functional and stylish wristwatch. The aviation theme, combined with extensive features, is the reason why the Skyhawk Collection is so appealing to such a wide variety of consumers, myself included.

Overall the Skyhawk is a very sporty watch, and you would not want to wear one of these to a formal dinner party, restaurant, or bar. The Skyhawk is more at home, well, in the sky, perfect for individuals with their pilot’s license. If you ever get the chance to enjoy snorkling or scuba diving this watch would prove to be very useful, (you bet they’re water resistant!) Aside from specific activities, watches in the Skyhawk collection will maintain the feel of a watch that is associated with high class and luxury, even though aesthetically the Skyhawk leans a little more towards casual.

A little history and background on the Skyhawk

Citizen watches are some of the most recognized timepieces throughout the globe and Citizen has been elevated to one of the most recognized brand names in the world.  Based in Japan, the Citizen Holdings Company was officially incorporated in 1924, although the true foundations of Citizen started with the foundation of the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918.  Citizen offers customers reasonably priced, high quality watch timepieces for every occasion while always maintaining a core focus on sporty and modern styles.

The Citizen Skyhawk is a more recent introduction from Citizen, and continues the tradition and success of the Eco Drive Collection. 

Citizen Skyhawk Buyers Guide

So if you have made the decision to purchase the Citizen Skyhawk, you can be rest assured that you are making the right choice.  The Skyhawk is an excellent casual watch, and one that will pay dividends for a long time in your life.

In terms of price, the Skyhawk is priced at a slight premium when compared to some of the other Eco Drive lines.  Typically you are looking at somewhere between $200 and $600 USD.  Much of the variability in price of course depends on the type of precious metal being used and where you are buying.  Obviously gold, titanium and special edition Skyhawk watches will require a higher demand on your wallet.

One quick point I can offer, look for your watch sometime during the spring. For whatever reason it seems like that most major watch brands offer new product lines around this time, and you can get the previous year styles at a generous discount.  Often $200 or more of the original list price!  This is one instance where it pays to wait. 

In terms of where to look, I would absolutely recommend looking online.  You will find the best prices and the highest selection by far.  You can go into a store like Macy’s and end up paying nearly double the price of what you will find for a Skyhawk watch online.  The only caveat I will offer – avoid sites like EBay and Craigslist as you never really know what you are purchasing, and the likelihood of being scammed is much higher. 


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