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Citizen Stiletto Watches

Updated on December 27, 2010

Citizen Stiletto watches are some of the most elite among the newest collection of Citizen models.  If you’re looking for a watch that packs a ton of style and luxury at a price so low you won’t even believe it, look no further than a Citizen Stiletto. 

Some of Citizen's Finest Watches

Citizen has done a wonderful job of changing with the times by offering luxury watches that appeal to a new generation of tastes and styles.  The perfect blend of dress, boldness, and flash, Citizen Stiletto Watches take affordable luxury to a whole new level.  What is truly amazing about the Citizen Stiletto collection is the fact that they offer amazing watches for both women and men.  Most collections tailor to either men or women, Citizen offers truly amazing watches for both. 

Uniquely Luxurious Models for and Unbelievable Price

If you are in the market for an affordable and luxurious watch, there is a Citizen Stiletto out there for you.  I have outlined some of my favorite models.  Take a look, I promise your expectations will be exceeded.   Another note about these watches, each Citizen Stiletto incorporates the famous Eco-Drive technology to power the watch. 

Stiletto Men’s

  • Stainless Steel w/ Black Face & Round Dial, Model AR0010-53E
  • Stainless Steel w/ Black Face & Round Dial, Model AR3010-57E
  • All Black w/ Round Dial, Model AR3015-53E (Personal Favorite!)
  • All Black Rectangular Dial, Model AR3025-50E
  • Stainless Steel w/ Black Face and Rectangular Dial, Model AR3020-53E

Stiletto Women’s

  • Stainless Steel, Mother of Pearl Dial w/ Diamond Accent, Model EG3120-52D
  • Stainless Steel, White Dial w/ Diamond Accent, Model EG3020-57A
  • Stainless Steel with gold accent and Round Dial, Model EG344-59A
  • Stainless Steel w/ 42 Diamond Accent Stones, Model EG3060-52

Each and every of the above Citizen Stiletto watches offer amazing style and luxury at a price that makes these watches affordable to almost anyone. 

Where to Find the Best Deals on Citizen Stiletto Watches

JcPenny, Macy’s, and a most retail jewelry stores will carry a variety of Citizen models.  Unfortunately the Citizen Stiletto is somewhat of a hard watch to find at most retail outlets.   Fortunately there are many online outlets that offer the Stiletto at significantly lower prices than you would find in a retail store anyway.  So take the time and shop around online, you or anyone you buy a Citizen Stiletto for will enjoy these beautiful watches for years.  


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