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Citizen Titanium Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Rugged and powerful, Citizen Titanium watches offer a practical and casual choice for customers looking to upgrade their wrist accessories this holiday season.  With a variety of collections and models to choose from it can be difficult to find a starting point.

I hope, with some effort, this hub can become your first step towards finding the perfect timepiece and Citizen titanium watch.

Style and Appeal

Obviously when you go with a titanium Citizen watch model you will have a metallic and silver color toned appearance. Practical and casual, a titanium watch is perfect for City wear and Citizen carries watch collections for both Men and Women that I find very appealing.

About Titanium

First discovered over 200 years ago, titanium is one of the strongest and most widely applied metals on the planet. The largest benefit of titanium is that for its strength it is incredibly light in weight. I won’t get into specific chemical properties, but titanium is often combined with other minerals such as iron or coal to form varying metal alloys.

In terms of its applications to watches, titanium has numerous benefits beyond simply being strong and durable.  Titanium is nearly 50 percent lighter than steel, but 30 percent stronger. It's also particularly resistant to salt water corrosion.

The metal itself is extremely resistant to scratching, and you have to literally scrap your Citizen with a tipped screw bit for a noticeable scratch.  Additionally, the potential for an allergic reaction is much lower than other metals such as silver or white gold.

Eco Drive Titanium

Citizen released the Eco Drive technology for watches in the mid 90s and has not looked back since.  These are all completely solar powered, and are steadily at the forefront of green and eco friendly timekeeping.  There are a lot of titanium Eco Drive models, and I would highly suggest you give them a look see in your evaluation process.

Where to buy...

If you have finally made the decision to purchase a titanium citizen watch, I would first suggest taking a look at some of the online retailers. You would be amazed at the deals you can find, as prices can be as low as 30-40 percent lower than the MSRP. Almost every reputable dealer will have an excellent exchange policy so you can be sure that you are getting the exact fit and style you desire.


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