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Citizen Watch Maintenance

Updated on December 18, 2010

Owning a quality timepiece is essential in today’s fast paced, on the go society. I trust my calendar to Citizen, and as a result I spend a considerable amount of time maintaining my watch. One might say I am slightly obsessive compulsive in this manner, but how can you knock trying to keep your stuff looking good?

With this hub I offer my insight into how to best maintain the pristine quality of your Citizen watch. Don’t worry, its not that much work, and in the end your timepiece will last a whole lot longer.

Keeping it clean

Yes, it sounds pretty straight forward but you would be amazed how often the following situation has happened to me: Someone explains that their watch is broken or how it doesn’t work right (I talk a lot about watches), and then I ask the last time they cleaned it. The response of course is always somewhere along the lines of “huh?” to “never.”

Point being, there is a direct correlation between how long your watch will last to how often you clean it. As soil and dirt mix with the oils from your skin the watch will being to corrode, altering the richness of the color tones and clarity of the dial face. Gold toned Citizen watches especially will have this problem if you don’t keep them clean.

Do yourself a favor and go buy a nice wool polishing cloth. Don’t worry about using any kind of buffer or chemical, just polish your watch once a week and witness the difference.

Adjusting the band

One of the most common hassles you will face owning a Citizen watch is adjusting the band. Hopefully you will have it adjusted upon purchase, but if not don’t fear, you can change your band with a little focus and effort.

In terms of fit, you want the band to find a balance between a proper tightness and comfort. You can give a little loser fit for larger models, where the sportier selections will require more snugness.  Also, keep in mind that the fit will be different depending on your own body.  Just like your waist line, your wrists will adjust in size based on diet, time of year and even stress levels.

The only tool you will need is a small and precise screwdriver, less than 2mm being ideal. Check the manual of your Citizen for specific instructions on which specific piece to unscrew.

Replacing a band pin

The strap of your Citizen watch, unless it is leather, will contain many tiny pins that hold together the individual bands of the bracelet.  These are shaped sort of like a V, and will wear over time and need replacement. If you have a watch repair kit, and are pretty handy with tools you can actually do this yourself.  It takes some practice, so I wouldn’t recommend you trying this on a watch that you would consider valuable.

Speaking of toolkits, if you are looking for an interesting hobby, I highly suggest dissecting some timepieces.  When you explore the inner components of a Citizen you will truly appreciate their craftsmanship.

Storage and safe travel

To keep your Citizen protected during travel, or while tucked away at home, I highly recommend looking at some of the watch storage containers out there.  If you don’t feel like spending the money, I always find that wrapping my watch in some foam wrap is sufficient.  The watches are built fairly strong, and can take some punishment.

Advanced considerations

There are certain situations when you will want to see a professional.  These include when the watch completely stops working, as the crystal may have become damaged.  In this instance, it is your call on to whether you want to drop the money. 


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