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Citizen Watch Review - A buyers guide

Updated on December 13, 2010

With an explosion of highly regarded ad campaigns, Citizen seems to be all the rage this holiday season when it comes to a quality and affordable watch. With this buyers guide I would like to share my inspiration for Citizen Watches with the rest of the world. These timepieces are incredible, and totally worth the small investment when compared to watches of similar caliber. 

Let’s face it, a stylish and reliable timepiece is hard to find. With the advent of cell phones I suppose that is the new standard, and watches have to deliver on both to really catch a customers attention.  Now, take a company such as Citizen, and you can really see why these watches are getting commercial airplay all the time.

Explore by Brand

  • Citizen Aqualand: A fine choice for the sports enthusiast and divers will find everything they need in a functional wristwatch.
  • Citizen A-T Watches: Atomic Time Watches from Citizen are remarkable timepieces that have gained popularity due to their unique accomplishment of delivering the accuracy of an Atomic clock to a wristwatch.
  • Citizen Blue Angels: A compelling and iconic timepiece, the special edition truly embodies the Citizen slogan of being “unstoppable.”
  • Citizen Campanola: One of the more unique timepieces from Citizen, a high end watch with a sophisticated style.
  • Citizen Eco Drive Watches: The most widely recognized and acclaimed watches from Citizen. The Eco Drive brand speaks for itself, and delivers a green, unstoppable and affordable watch.

  • Citizen Elegance: Unique and rare collection the makes the perfect compliment to a more feminine wrist.
  • Citizen Moon Phase: Interested in astrology? Then the Citizen Moon Phase watch might be your ticket. Track the various phases of the moon’s cycle all from the comfort of your wrist.
  • Citizen Navihawk: A classic tribute to aviators around the world, the Citizen Navihawk is prized as both a utility and a striking fashion piece.
  • Citizen Promaster: A dominant looking timepiece, and one of the more sporty models that are offered from Citizen.
  • Citizen Sailhawk: A discontinued but highly popular collection from Citizen, and an excellent companion for yacht masters around the globe.

  • Citizen Silhouette: Classy enough for evening wear, and minimalist at the same time.
  • Citizen Skyhawk: Atomic and radio-controlled for perfect accuracy, this watch really rules.
  • Citizen Wingman: A collectible timepiece that has been slowly phased out of the US by the more popular Skyhawk and Chrono A-T, but still worth a look.

Explore by Category

  • Citizen Automatic Watches: using the movements of your wrist an automatic watch from Citizen can automatically wind your watch to perfect timekeeping
  • Citizen Calibre Watches: stylish and trendy, the Calibre watch models from Citizen are the perfect balance between style and practical function.
  • Citizen Divers Watch: With extensive functionality, Citizen has the capabilities to satisfy the needs of both the casual diver and everyday professional.
  • Citizen Men's Watches: Gents take heed and read on for the best and greatest from Citizen. The good news, these watches are killer.
  • Citizen Quartz Watches: The true genius behind Citizen watches lies in the utilization of quartz crystals.
  • Citizen Radio Controlled Watches: The radio controlled models from Citizen are pretty cool because it will synchronize to always display perfect time.
  • Citizen Titanium Watches: Looking for something rugged that will never break? Titanium anyone?
  • Citizen Women's Watches: Ladies, I do my best to shine light on some of the more stylized timepieces. I hope you will find my tastes to be fitting.

Additional Info on Citizen Watches

  • Citizen Calculator: Given their investment in timekeeping technologies it should be no surprise that the Citizen can craft an amazingly powerful calculator.
  • Citizen Chronograph: The Citizen's chronographs are some of the highest performing and most amazing looking watches the company has ever crafted. (I might be slightly biased on this one)
  • Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watches: No need to worry about an inaccurate timepiece, the perpetual calendar watches from Citizen will always display the exact date and time.
  • Citizen Watch Maintenance: If you are serious about getting a Citizen watch then I highly recommend you read some of the basics in terms of maintenance and care. Trust me, your watch will last much longer if you read this hub.


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