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Citizen Corso Men's and Women's Watches Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Beauty of Simplicity

Citizen's Corso is a collection of classic watches, made for both men and women, that goes “back to basics” in terms of design (especially when compared to Citizen Silhouette). Corso watches feature sleek, modern design used by many watchmaking companies (like Seiko): clear, uncomplicated bracelets and dials, two-tone complications in some models.

This is the ultimate casual watch; it contains hints of fashion, while remaining absolutely unpretentious and functional. The beauty of the Citizen Corso is in its simplicity. Even the diamonds in the more expensive models are offset by stainless steel and principled design.

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Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-DriveWomen's | Stainless Steel | Eco-DriveMen's | Stainless Steel | Eco-DriveMen's | Stainless Steel | Eco-DriveMen's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive | DiamondsMen's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive | Titanium
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Women's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Women's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive | Diamonds
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive | Diamonds
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive | Titanium
Men's | Stainless Steel | Eco-Drive | Titanium

The Hands of Time

Citizen has an important chameleon feature: their watches' hands – the indispensable mechanical parts that actually show time – change with each design, to serve the overall look. The Corso collection is no exception. Depending on the visual style of the dial, the hands will morph from aerodynamic and modern to antique and classic.

Citizen are willing to experiment with the hands, making many watches with identical specs yet different appearance. This reveals a consumer positive attitude and a willingness to satisfy the customer at all cost. It's may not be easy to choose your own Citizen watch, and the process of research can be exhausting – but you can be sure that because of the company's versatility, there's a timepiece out there that will fit your requirements precisely.


Although the basic Corso watches are more suitable for casual wearing, the gold tone and the two-tone ones possess enough extra-style to make them good dressy pieces. Those with distinctly colored bezels especially stand out, and those with diamonds on a golden background can rightly be categorized as “fashionable.”

Overall, this brings stability and solidity when compared to the more mixed Silhouette. These are calm, assured designs that make a deep impression and evoke interest without unnecessary noisiness.


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