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Citizen Silhouette Women's Watch Review: Bangle, Bracelet, Two-Tone

Updated on January 9, 2015

Citizen Silhouette

Citizen's Silhouette is not really a collection: it's an entire catalog of dress and casual watches, available in varying designs, shapes, colors, and embellishments. Nearly every part of the watch has been modified to suit the wearer's taste and character – this is a truly universal line of watches (mostly made for women), some nearing jewelry in materials and design, while other sporting a deliberately conservative, basic look.

In order to appreciate what the Citizen Silhouette has to offer you'd have to browse the Citizen official website (which has a nifty search function), or simply browse eBay and Amazon watches sections.

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Silhouette watches appear in rectangular and round shapes, bejeweled with diamonds, covered with crystal, encased in stainless steel and powered by Eco-Drive movement. Some of the designs resemble Movado, while others remind of Rado watches.

Indeed, sometimes Citizen follow: it's difficult to remain in the vanguard of design all the time, while trying to make affordable yet fashionable watches. This is a compromise -- but a small one; the brand makes up for it with the variety and sheer multitude of design approaches.

Besides, they borrow the best, most popular and successful features. They pay tribute to high-end luxury watchmakers while bringing their obscure ideas to everyone.


Bracelets receive special attention. You'll find bracelets similar to Movado Amorosa and to the classic swiss Ebel design. Styles range from the most traditional and conservative (bangles) to the most daring, sleek and fashionable. Some bracelets incorporate diamonds or crystals, essentially becoming distinct jewelry pieces, others look like chains or even tracks.

I believe that in this collection the company's designers really let their imagination run wild. Cases in unusual forms accentuate the variety of the bracelets, and some watches look very original. Citizen's Silhouette will cover almost any preference: by definition, this is an inclusive line of watches.


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