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Citizen Palidoro Eco-Drive Women's Watch Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Women's Collection

Citizen Palidoro targets women who love classy jewelry yet not afraid to go for something luxurious: these watches contain diamonds or crystals. The stones place the collection in the dressy category – Palidoro watches were made to carry time and to be shown for their decorative value on equal terms.

The collection was designed especially for women, and it includes all the necessary female prerequisites of style, design and elegance. There are watches with round or rectangular cases, black or white dials, and elaborate bracelets (some models available with straps). To supplement the diamonds, some dials were made of mother-of pearl.

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Universal Design

What's great about the Palidoro is that it makes an impression without bringing too much attention, even with the diamonds. There is understated reticence here – a universality and unity of design that brings with it elements of humility.

The design is pretty conservative (only the more elongated rectangular versions are actually making a fashion statement), yet Citizen succeed in creating a variety: two-tone stainless steel, and imaginatively marked faces contribute to a sense of uniqueness. The real achievement of the Palidoro is the balance between luxury materials and unpretentious design. But then again, this is one of Citizen's strong points.


Eco-Drive movement penetrated even the most “unsporty” collections, and this one is no exception. Perhaps however, dressy watches need the Eco-Drive more than professional athletes' timepieces. After all, we most often forget to wind and tend to these chunks of metal, glass and crystal when at home; sports people – they'll always keep an eye on their instruments.

They have to, their success and livelihood depend on it. Considering that Palidoro Citizen is a watch to wear on special occasions, the solar cell movement is a particularly important feature. This watch will skip from a party to a party, feeding on bright light now and then, keeping sober. And keeping time.


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