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Citizen Wingman

Updated on December 18, 2010

The Wingman is one of the most collectible watches ever made by the Citizen Watch Co.   Citizen is still making this model today, but you can mainly find them outside the US or the multitude of online stores.  The company has chosen to market other models and it is a rare find at a retailer in the US. 

Models such as the Chrono Time A-T and the Skyhawk have largely replaced the Wingman as the go to watch for aviation enthusiasts in America.   Having that said you can still find an extensive array of Citizen Wingman models at one of the many sites online. 

History of the Wingman

Citizen Promaster watches have been on the forefront of watch technology for years, always offering the newest and most unique functionality in all of their Promaster models. The Wingman is one of the most famous of the older Citizen Promaster watches. Citizen was the first company to offer functions required by aviation enthusiasts at a significantly lower price than comparable models offered by other manufacturers. Dating back to the early nineties Citizen Wingman watches had features such as:

  • Aviation Slide Rule
  • Luminous Hands and LCD Display
  • Date Display and Chronograph Function
  • Split Time and Countdown Timer
  • Wind Velocity Scale in Meters and Seconds

Over the years these and other features and functions have been fine tuned by Citizen. The current line of Citizen Wingman Watches are truly amazing timepieces. 30 years worth of models have assured these are some of the finest Pilots’ watches ever crafted.

Unique Style meets Functionality

All Citizen Wingman watches are crafted to look like the instruments in a cockpit of an airplane.  This airplane cockpit feel, combined with are large circular face and slide rule rotation bezel come together nicely making the Wingman a very stylish wristwatch.  In addition to ample style, these watches are packed with the functionality we have come to expect from any Citizen Promaster.  

Current model Citizen Wingman watches have the following features:

  • World Time in 30 Cities
  • Coordinated Universal Time Display
  • Slide rule rotation bezel
  • Fuel Consumption Calculation Capabilities
  • Calendar, Dual Alarm, EL Light
  • Split Time, Dual Time, 12/24 Hour Time
  • Countdown Timer to 99 minutes
  • 1/100 Second Chronograph up to 25 Hours

As you can see, Citizen has packed the Wingman with tons of features.

Buying a Citizen Wingman

Since most current Citizen Wingman models are only offered to consumers outside the US you will have to hit the web and shop around these watches. There are tons of sights that offer newer Wingman models, but there are also a large number of older collectible models sold on a ton of sites. Just make sure to do your due diligence and make sure you are purchasing from a trusted site. Pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and watch collectors alike can be sure that they will find what they are looking for in a Citizen Wingman Watch.


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