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Citizen Women's Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen offers a number of ladies watch choices, ranging from an elegant timepiece to more subtle fashion statements.  What makes them an even better choice is that they are affordable and eco friendly.  Ladies let me offer some of my expertise to help shine a light on some excellent choices of Citizen Timepieces, and gentleman, look no further if you are in desperate need of a home run Christmas present.

Where to start

If you are browsing the Citizen collections for the first time, I always suggest a quick glance at the Silhouette.  You have both the Citizen Silhouette Sport and the Citizen Silhouette Bangle, with the later emphasizing a sleek aesthetic design.  Complemented with a pink face, the Bangle is a beautiful and fashionable accessory. The sport is probably one of the best selling Citizen Watches, and has a more refined look and appeal.

Some comments from Amazon:

It's very comfortable, and I love the appearance. I have thin wrists and the size is not overwhelming.

This is a perfect size for the medium to large ladies wrist, and even on a petite woman it would not be too large. The links are smooth and the pink face has faint flower-petal outlines which do not show up in the photo, a very nice touch.

….this watch doesn't shout out and demand attention, but manages to blend wearing either casual or formal making it the perfect accessory.

Stainless steel to impress

I personally find the stainless models from Citizen watch review to be the perfect business timepiece. There is a certain sense of authority, and the stainless steel will be a subtle fashion statement that doesn’t ring the alarm bells around the office. Take a peak at the Corso, which has a larger face than the Bangle and a more subtle sense of design.

Something for Friday night? Go leather...

Absolutely take a look at the leather strap versions of the different ladies Citizen watches, they are really nice and make a little more noise around the scene. You can opt for either brown leather, or black, depending of course on whatever you happen to be wearing in the evening.

A tip: buy an extra band of a different color leather so that you can adjust your style accordingly.

Ladies Citizen Eco Drive

More than likely you have seen the Sasha Cohen figure skating commercials sponsoring the Citizen Eco Drive. Nearly all of the timepieces that are offered from Citizen are Eco Drive powered, and that is really the only distinction. The technology itself is merely quartz powered, rechargeable and renewable timekeeping. This offers a lot of appeal, as the watch is extremely accurate and Eco friendly. Citizen has gained a lot of positive reputation for these watches, and they are vastly becoming the choice for women.

Where to shop

Luck for you, Citizen is found in nearly every Mall and Shopping plaza across America.  Find an authorized dealer near you, and go try on some Citizen watches in person. When you are finally ready to purchase your Citizen, definitely look online.  You can find deals of nearly 40-50% off MSRP (manufactured suggested retail price) , and nearly all of the online dealers offer quality return and exchange policies. 

The biggest concern you have is making sure:

  1. Your Citizen watch is not damaged or scratched in anyway
  2. The band is properly adjusted and fits perfect.  This can be adjusted, but don’t be afraid to exchange if it doesn’t feel right

In the end you will be very satisfied with your new purchase.  Best of luck in your search.


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