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Classic White Mens Shirt - When and How To

Updated on August 14, 2012

Honest, simple and versatile – that is what a white shirt is all about. The very word white brings to mind a fresh clean look, pristine and bright like the rays of sunlight. This is one color that can match anything and contrast anything. White has been known to be a staple color in men’s wardrobe for ever. While the color itself is soft and sober, it can add vibrancy and life to any conservative outfit. Also white shirts can suit any skin tone, and body build and can be worn to almost all occasions.

White Men’s Shirt – The Staple

The white dress shirt is the commonest of all shirts and the perfect example of this color’s use and identity in the wardrobe. The classic angled white dress shirt makes men look crisp and clean. In fact the highest amount a man should spend on must be a range of white shirts. It can be worn on a suit of any color and in any season. Also matching the other parts of the ensemble to a white shirt like tie, trouser and even accessories is laughably easy. There is just nothing that could go wrong when you are dressing with a white shirt. In fact with a white shirt as your base color, you could play around with the other colors like a strongly printed tie or a textured or striped pant.

Accentuate With White

White shirts need not always be plain. Try experimenting with pinstripes and chalk stripes on a white base for the formal office wear. You can wear it to the office meeting and the evening party with the same flair. While the formal white shirt would have regular tipped collar, you can try various other things in casual wear. For the collar try the Chinese collar style or the double cuff, collarless solid white men’s shirt style. Self embroidered shirts in white can also set you apart from the crowd. A cut-away collar shirt also will look good both as formal wear as well as casual wear.

Material and fit

White in any material looks elegant and charming. Silk, cotton, linen and even blends are a pleasure to be worn. Silk shirts may suit the wedding events while the traditional straight collar and button cuffs cotton shirt is just right for the board meeting. Linen white shirts may crumple easily, so although it is wearable to the office with the same panache you may need to take more care of it.

Round neck white cotton T-shirts with rib collar, plain or printed make excellent casual wear. These can worn with various bottoms like jeans, cargo trousers or event he formal black and grey trousers and will still look equally elegant.

Care of White Men’s Shirt

While being the most versatile, white shirts are also more prone to get dirty and stained and there is nothing more unbecoming than a dirty, rumpled white shirt. Preferably have your white shirts dry cleaned at least after 3rd or 4th use. At other times you may use regular detergent wash. Try to get rid of stains as soon as it is formed as once dried they leave a dirty mark.

How to Fold a Men's Collared Dress Shirt


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    • Moxyl profile image

      Moxyl 7 years ago from Global Village

      Thanks for this very useful tip! I never know how to treat my boyfriend's shirt and perhaps this christmas I can show off some skills :)