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Clean and Chic: 8 Minimalist Watches You Should Check Out

Updated on December 27, 2015

With this day and age, you might think that wearing a watch is no longer necessary because you always have a smartphone or gadget in tow. But I beg to disagree because putting on timepieces is still an essential part of your style and character.

There are different watch designs available in the market today. Classic watches are still popular, while elaborate and flamboyant designs also have a huge following of their own. But aside from them, watch manufacturers also conceptualized timepieces that are high on functionality, elevated in style, but minimal in design. If these qualities perfectly reflect what you want and who you are, here are eight minimalist watches that could be what you’re looking for. Check them out.

1. Frederique Constant Slimline Watch

Frederique Constant is a manufacturer of luxury wristwatches based in Geneva, Switzerland that was founded in 1988 by Aletta and Peter Stas.

Frederique Constant Slimline watches have the anatomy of a minimalist watch with a classic flair. Timepieces in this line, as its name suggests, are ultra slim and have a clean look that exudes elegance and success.

Take for instance this piece from the collection—the Geneve Slimline Mid-Size FC-235MIS5. It has an understated design comprised of a white dial and brown calfskins trap that allows ease of wear and dashed with just the right amount of understated chicness that compliments a timeless and crisp taste.

2. John Hardy Rare Sterling Silver Swiss Watch

If you want a watch that has a lot of character and value for its rarity, the John Hardy Rare Sterling Silver Swiss Watch is for you.

Just like most minimalist watches, this rare sterling silver Swiss watch from John Hardy doesn’t have gems or complicated dials, but its rare texture sets it apart from the rest. That along with its genuine crocodile leather strap and sterling silver metal composition can turn heads and spur conversations wherever you go.

3. Patek Philippe 3748 Golden Ellipse Manual Winding Men’s Watch

Patek Philippe never disappoints and always has something to offer for all types of watch aficionados.

Patek Philippe has a huge catalog and it includes timepieces with understated charm that are fit for individuals who prefer a minimalist design. Take for instance, the Patek Philippe 3748 Ellipse Manual Winding Men’s Watch. It has a blue dial and original lizard strap and is built with yellow gold and sapphire crystal. If you want to flaunt your status, wealth, and personality without going over the top, this watch is for you.

Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch brand that was founded in 1851. They are known for some of the most mechanical watches, which made them one of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world. As a result, they garnered a huge following among royalties and prominent people.

4. Cartier Tank Louis Watch

Cartier is one of the top luxury brands and is well loved for their jewelry and watches. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of their creations, The Carter Tank Louis Watch, made it to this list.

The Cartier Tank Louis Watch is a standout because of its rectangular form, which veers away from the conventional rounded dial. It’s crafted in stainless steel or 18k gold and secured with a pure leather strap. On top of that, this timepiece is designed with Roman numeral markings, which add up to its overall appeal and beauty.

Both men and women wear Cartier Tank Louis Watches, making it a perfect gift to mark a special occasion or simply show appreciation to your loved ones.

If you want to give a gift to an important woman in your life, check out the Cartier Tank Louis Watch in 18k Solid Gold and Ladies Leather Strap.

5. Mondaine Helvetica No. 1 Watch

Simplicity and ingenuity are the qualities that make up the DNA of Mondaine watches, and one of their most iconic timepieces is the Helvetica No. 1 Watch.

The typeface Helvetica is simple, on-point, and easily recognizable. Mondaine translated all of those characteristics in a timepiece, hence the Helvetica No. 1 Watch. Just like the font, it is simple at first glance, but it has intricate qualities that you only notice when you study it closely, making it a gem for people who want functionality, but still prefer a little bit of character and mystery.

6. Kitmen Keung Long Distance Classic Watch

You know the feeling you get when you see a person so stylish and chic even if he or she is just wearing a basic and simple ensemble? That’s the same reaction that the Long Distance Classic Watch from Kitmen Keung usually generates.

The Long Distance Classic watch has a direct and pristine design, but it can take you through a journey as you try to dissect the concept it was inspired from. Because of the beauty that comes with trying to interpret the watch and its design, it never fails to turn heads and spur conversations. If you want to add a subtle character to your look and embody your unique personality through a timepiece, then this watch is a must-have for you.

7. Nevo Smartwatch

Optimal function and sleek design—that’s the Nevo Smart Watch for you.

Nevo Smartwatch is a revolutionary creation in the world of smartwatches because it is designed with digital technology but with analogue aesthetics. This clever minimalist watch looks like a fashion timepiece straight from the magazines but is also a techie’s dream, thanks to its features like Swiss timekeeping, activity tracking, and phone notifications.

8. Junghans Max Bill Watch

Junghans is making timepieces since 1861 and one of their most iconic lines is the Max Bill series.

Max Bill is a creative genius known for being an architect, painter, sculptor, and product designer. His expertise plus the Junghan’s watchmaking technology paved the way for one of the most sought after minimalist watches today.

Junghans Max Bill watch has a slim and sleek design and comes in different colors to suit different tastes among men and women.

Do you also love minimalist watches? If so, please share with me the pieces you own or the ones you plan on getting and why.

Which of these minimalist watches do you like the best?

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