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Cleft Chins: What Causes Them and How To Alter Your Chin

Updated on October 3, 2014

A Cleft Chin By Any Other Name

Dimple chin, dupa chin, bum chin, or even the derogatory “butt chin”—these are different names commonly used when one refers to the enigmatic cleft chin. What is a cleft chin and why do some people have one, while others do not?

Why Do I Have A Cleft Chin?

Believe it or not, a cleft chin is a dominant trait. This means that if a child has one parent with a cleft chin, then he is more likely to have a cleft chin than not. The cleft in the chin is a result of a deformity where this part of the human head failed to fuse together. There are three forms of cleft chins. The bone in the lower jawbone is split, usually slightly, leaving the skin of the chin to form an indent or split; the split can be caused by slightly separated muscle tissue; or, just the surface skin is dimpled. The cleft in the chin is commonly formed when the human is in its embryo or fetus stage of life; however, it can also develop as late as human adolescence as one’s features grows and matures.

If I Don't Like My Chin...

Not everyone is fond of having a cleft chin. They can actually opt for cosmetic surgery. There are a number of ways a cleft chin can be eliminated. A cosmetic surgeon has the option to shave down the offending chin bone; or, he can inject wrinkle filler, such as Botox, Restylane or Radiance; or, he can reshape the chin by installing chin implant made of real bone or synthetic material. Alternatively, a person born without a cleft in his or her chin who desires this type of “strong chin” can seek the medical attention of a cosmetic surgeon. This procedure can be accomplished in one of two different ways. The surgeon can either make an incision on the inside of the mouth or under the outside of the chin, creating a slight channel, or the “dimple”. Or, if one has a receding, or “weak”, jaw line, an implant creating the look of a cleft can be inserted.

Gaston from "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"
Gaston from "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Cleft Chins Are Popular

As there are people who abhor cleft chins, there are also those who adore them. There are many well-known celebrities who have this dominant dimple chiseled into their face. In fact, there are well-known cartoon characters that have been blessed with this feature. For example, the character, Gaston, from Disney's Beauty and the Beast is known for his handsome face, a severe cleft chin topping its features. In fact, a line in the lyrics to Gaston's anthem is "No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Gaston." Yes, Gaston is a marvel with a dimpled chin to boot.

Famous Cleft Chins - A Sampling

John Travolta
Dianna Agron
Kurt Russell
Kirk Douglas
Aaron Eckhart
"Batman: The Dark Knight"
Salvatore Romano
"Mad Men"
Christopher Reeve
Sandra Bullock
"Miss Congeniality"
Jessica Simpson
"Employee of the Month"

Like having brown eyes, curly hair, or unattached earlobes, a cleft in one's chin is a dominant trait. Some are fond of them while others are not. It is just another feature that makes humans unique to each other.


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    • profile image

      Billy 4 months ago

      My best friend has made fun of my chin before and he knows I’m very self concsious about it. I’m definitely getting that shot.

    • profile image

      Jayda 4 months ago

      I have a little cleft chin but I hate it but when I hear if a celeb has it it makes me feel better because I'm not the only one who has it but just be happy of who you are and don't let people judge you because there a person just like you and they prob all you age matters way worse than just a cleft chin but they don't say anything because they think there better but not so be happy of who you are and don't be mad or sad of having a cleft chin and this is how God made you

    • profile image

      :( 9 months ago

      I hate my chin... But there's no way I'd ever get surgery. R.I.P me.

    • profile image

      ): 11 months ago

      I have a cleft chin and I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I love having it, but more often than not I despise it mainly because it just looks so...weird on me. I might have a filler injection because I'm unhappy with it.

    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 14 months ago from Ohio!

      :-( My husband and kids have them. They're supposed to be real snazzy. Don't hate it. You're special. :)

    • profile image

      :( 16 months ago

      I have a cleft chin and I hate it!

    • LaserLipoNewYork profile image

      Dr. Emmanuel Asare 5 years ago from Long Island and Manhattan

      Entertaining article on a topic that most people wouldn't think is very interesting. Thanks for the great post!

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      So if you have a cleft you're in good company. good Hub