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Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets

Updated on May 21, 2011

Cleopatra is still referred to as one of the most beautiful women of all time. She did seduce some very powerful men, so I can only imagine how gorgeous she must have been. Her ravishing beauty was most definitely not without effort. In fact, she spent huge amounts of time and cosmetics, and had a separate staff who were dedicated to maintaining her beauty. She had many cosmetics and skin and hair care products designed especially for her. She had a strict beauty regimen and obviously, her efforts were quite successful!

1. Milk and Honey bath

This is one of her most well-known beauty secrets. It is used by women to this day, and scientifically speaking, these ingredients are perfect for skin rejuvenation. She used ass's milk and bee's honey for this bath. Milk has lactic acid which is fantastic for skin, and honey has antiseptic properties that cleanses skin very well. She made sure to take warm baths, as heat opens up pores and allows the dirt to be removed and also aids better absorption.

2. Ambrette oil

She oiled every part of her body regularly. Ambrette oil, which is extracted from Ambrette seeds, has a beautiful aroma. It is a fantastic moisturizer and works as a wonderful sun-screen, which I am sure was pretty necessary as Cleopatra was constantly exposed to the scorching sun.

3. Beeswax mask

She prepared a mask that contained beeswax, plant juice and cyprus grasspowder and applied it on her face. Beeswax has emollient and softening properties that helps the skin retain moisture. This mask was used to prevent wrinkles. Cleopatra knew that prevention was better than battling wrinkles. Now that is a smart move!!

4. Balm of Mecca

This was used by her and women all over Egypt as an overnight mask that exfoliated their skin so well to the point that their skin felt velvety to the touch. It is made from resin and after applied overnight, leads to such effective exfoliation that tiny, detached flakes would be all over their skin.

5. Castor oil

Now this a beauty secret that even I rely on - and it works wonders! Castor oil naturally lengthens lashes. Cleopatra mixed dark kohl, which acted as a sunscreen to this oil and applied it religiously for conditioned, long and dark lashes. If you want to know more about Castor oil, check out this page.

6. Lime Cleanser

Archeologists found tombs of three ladies of the court of Tuthmosis III that contained jars of cleansing cream in them. The cream was an oil and lime mixture. Cleopatra was also a big believer in this cleanser. Lime's acidity destroys harmful bacteria and cleanses the skin. It also was used to treat scars due to its lightening properties.

7. Natron and water cleanser

Natron, which is similar to baking soda, was also used as a cleanser. Baking soda has shown to have cleansing properties, and is actually used by women to this day.

8. Henna

Cleopatra applied Henna to her fingernails, soles and her feet. This gave a beautiful, orange-reddish color which must have contrasted beautifully against her rich skin tone.

9. Red Ochre

For luscious red lips, she made a mixture of red ochre and goose fat, and painted it on her lips. Red lips are a sign of youthfulness and fertility. She also used a similar mixture to give her cheeks a rosy, healthy glow while defining her cheekbones.

9. Breast enhancement

Yes - she wanted them to be bigger too. She made a fennel, feugreek and dill serum and would massage her breasts every day. The herbs have phytoestrogens that mimic the effects of estrogen in a woman's body.

These are only a few of her beauty secrets. She really did go out of her way to make sure that she looked her best - didn't she?

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    • profile image

      deez nuts 2 years ago

      what are those!!!!!!!

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

      Wow! This must be the reasons why her skin was beautiful. I sometimes treat myself with milk and honey bath especially during winter and it´s great. Thanks for sharing this very interesting and informative hub;-)

    • profile image

      Glamour Haus 5 years ago

      wow, what a great entry i just recently wrote an article on ancient skincare methods specifically Cleopatra and the use of gold. Very interesting on how they did it back in the day, great work. I will definitely be doing some more research into ancient techniques and beauty regimes its so interesting :) the blog i just wrote on cleopatra (my beauty idol) is would love some feedback from you