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Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter Review

Updated on September 17, 2012
Original Photo and Digitally Manipulated Image © Redberry Sky 2012.
Original Photo and Digitally Manipulated Image © Redberry Sky 2012.

My Rating of Clinique Body Butter

3 stars for Clinique Body Butter

Body Butters are some of my all-time favourite skin products, and there is something utterly luxurious about massaging the thick heavy cream into my skin after a long hot soak in a bubble bath right before bedtime.

Clinique’s Body Butter lies on the ‘sensible’ end of the luxury scale. It is unscented, and although it is a thick cream, it is perhaps a little lighter than many of the butters I’ve tried.

Based on Shea Butter

Like a lot of Body Butters, Clinique’s contains Shea butter as the base oil, which has a long tradition of health benefits both in skin care and as a nourishing food. Used as a moisturiser, it hydrates, protects, and replenishes skin, and with regular use leaves it gorgeously soft and smooth.

Home Spa Product without a Scent...?

Body Butter is essentially a luxury (or at least a luxurious) ‘spa’ product. It’s too thick and oily to be applied after a morning shower because tugging on jeans or a skirt over damp and oily skin can be a real battle. For me, Body Butter is an evening luxury, massaging the day away in the soft-scented candlelit oasis of my own bathroom-turned-private spa.

Which is where I have my biggest gripe at Clinique’s Body Butter, because while I’m not a fan of very highly or artificially scented products, I like my spa-like products to be very special – and that goes for scent as well as feel, look and moisturising qualities. And sadly, Clinique’s is unscented, which makes it just a bit too dull.

The lack of scent can be a bonus too, of course – I know that some people do use Body Butter after their morning shower (and although I have no idea how you manage to wrestle your jeans on after applying it, I salute your dedication!) so if you’re spritzing on some perfume, an unscented body moisturiser is a must so that the aromas don’t mingle to produce something overpowering and less than attractive. But for those of us who like to pamper ourselves in a night-time ritual, the lack of scent can make things seem a bit … flat.

Original Photo and Digitally Manipulated Image © Redberry Sky 2012.
Original Photo and Digitally Manipulated Image © Redberry Sky 2012.

Clinique’s Body Butter – Effects and Benefits to the Skin

But lack of scent aside, in other ways Clinique’s Body Butter is a very nice product. It is a little lighter in texture than some other butters, as I’ve said, but it’s still a very enveloping cream. I massage it in straight after bathing, when my skin is still warm and slightly damp, and it has the wonderful quality of absorbing well whilst making my skin feel wrapped and protected in lovely moisturising oils.

Works rapidly on Dry Skin

Some people use butters only on problem areas like knees and elbows, but I use it all over, on arms, legs and torso (avoiding the neck and face, which is too sensitive for the heavy creams), which is why I see butters as a spa product rather than a daytime cream. And Clinique’s Body Butter worked very quickly - I do moisturise regularly and am very fond of skin care products, so my skin is already quite smooth and soft, but I did notice a difference almost immediately, and after using it for a few days I was very pleased with the silky results.

Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin: is Clinique’s Body Butter Suitable?

I have dry/combination skin that can be quite sensitive, and I had no problems with the cream, and I’d say that it’s ideal for dry skin. There is some mixed debate on whether heavy creams are good or bad for oily skin – possibly over-production of oils is the skin’s way of compensating and that applying a little oil-based product might slow down over-production by giving the skin what it craves; but some people with oily skin find that butters are just too much!

Because this is one of the lighter Body Butters, it might be worth trying on oily skin, and if you ever buy Clinique products anyway, you might be able to get a sample ‘freebie’ of this the next time you shop – I’ve been given a few samples of it when I’ve bought other products so it’s worth asking about when you stock up on Clinique luxuries.

Original Photo and Digitally Manipulated Image © Redberry Sky 2012.
Original Photo and Digitally Manipulated Image © Redberry Sky 2012.

Clinique Body Butter Overview

Although I really like this Body Butter, I have to admit that it’s not my favourite. If I use a day time body moisturiser I use a much lighter oil or serum so that I don’t feel sticky and oily through the day (and so that my clothes don’t cling to me!), and as an evening after-bath spa product, I think this just doesn’t quite have the ‘luxury factor’ I’m looking for.

I prefer a little light natural scent, and I love heavier creams and opulent butters. Those with very sensitive skin might prefer this product because it’s unscented, but for me this was just a little too mundane for my bath time oasis.

The effect on my skin was extremely soothing and moisturising, but that’s true of almost all Body Butters, and I didn’t find that this had enough of an edge to its benefits to make it stand out above the rest. Overall, I thought this was halfway between an every day body moisturiser and a luxury spa product, and, for me, it didn’t quite make the grade for either one.


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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Good product review. Thank you

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      I will have to try this. I like Clinique products but have never used the Body Butter. Anything that will work for my dry skin. Voted uP!

    • Redberry Sky profile image

      Redberry Sky 4 years ago

      Hey Moonlake :) cheers for the vote-up, I hope you like the body butter as much as I do (even though I think it's not quite as luxurious as some of the others, I still love it!)

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