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Skirt & Shirt Clothes Hangers

Updated on July 24, 2014

Some people are born folders. Everything must be folded and placed in the appropriate drawer or cupboard and from there, used.

Other people are born hangers. They laugh at the folders who have to dig through a pile of clothes to find the garment they're looking for - why bother when you can just grab something straight off the rack?

And the truth is - the hanger lovers usually win. Why? Because there are some things that just don't fold very well, meaning that hangers play a big role in making sure your ironed and expensive clothes are kept safe and wrinkle free.

The following guide is for those who can't live without the hangers. Below,  you'll find every type of hanger available to suit your needs.

Shirt & Suit Hangers

When choosing a hanger for a suit or special outfit, it's important to make sure that they're going to keep their original shape.

The hangers you can see on the left are perfect for suits and shirts because they are slim lined and covered in velvet. 

The velvet stops slippage off the hanger as well as preventing ugly shoulder bumps in the material.

Skirt Hangers

If you have a lot of pant sets or skirts, it's important to keep them as straight and neat as your shirts and dresses.

These skirt clips are handy for keeping your skirts and pants neat in your closet as well as allowing you to put one outfit on each hanger - a skirt as well as a top. This means your outfits won't get mixed up.

There are also multi skirt hangers available if you have a lot of skirts that you want stored in a small space.

Basic Hangers

If you're not fussed about exactly how your clothes hang but still want a hanger that keeps them neat and organized, there are plenty of basic hangers available.

They're available in either plastic, plastic coated metal or metal and are usually fairly cheap.

If you have a lot of clothes to hang up, these are often the best option for lots of hangers for a low price.

Hook & Stay On Hangers

If you have a lot of strappy singlets or dresses to hang, you'll need a hanger with easy to use hooks. There are plenty of types available, as seen on the left.

Simply hook the strap through the top or bottom loop and no longer worry about the item slipping off the hanger.

Wooden Hangers

If you want to go natural, consider going with a timber hanger.

There are a wide range of dark and light woods to choose from as well as various shapes and sizes.

Timber hangers are also much sturdier and usually last a lot longer, meaning they're good for heavy duty use such as for heavy coats.

However timber hangers are best used with dry clothes so if you use a drying rack and hangers for your clothes, it's best to go with plastic.

No matter what you need it for there's a perfect timber hanger available for your closet and clothes.


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