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Clothes shopping online

Updated on August 16, 2012

In today's rapidly growing corporate world, time which is consumed on shopping is crucial factor for working personnel. This important factor is resolved with the help of electronic commerce or e-commerce. Online shopping is a form of e-commerce. In this method, customers or consumers purchase goods directly from service providers. Service providers also exchange services with each other through electronic commerce. If service providers are exchanging services with each other than in business terms it is known as business to business exchange while on the other hand, if a customer purchases services form a shopping center, than it is called customer to business exchange. This online shopping includes several products and services such as electronic products, books, clothes, shoes and logistics. Clothes' shopping online is most popular in this e-market besides the sale of electronic products.

Clothes' shopping online is although a very easy way of purchasing but it is still limited to certain class of customers. The reason is, for online shopping customers have to fulfill certain requirements like a debit card, bank account and a customer account on the business store. Moreover it is more common in persons with computer and internet access. It is mostly common in urbanized areas as compared to rural areas. There could be another reason for this uneven distribution that is popularity of fashion designers. Mostly online stores are related certain designers and they are also used for designers’ marketing. Clothes' shopping online is done by these designers' fans and number of these fans is mostly bigger in developed areas, closed to fashion world.

In clothes' shopping online there are several ways of payments. Payment could be done by postal money transfer, gift cards and debit cards, cash on delivery, checks, electronic money or also by wire transfer. Similarly, purchased goods or services could also be in several forms. For example, electronic products and clothes are delivered to customers business address with in certain duration of business days. Books could be downloaded in e-book forms. Multimedia could also be downloaded by or delivered to the customer. All these options are open for consumers.

Mostly online business stores keep record of customers. For this purpose cookies are used. When a person visits an online business store a certain cookie number is assigned to the host and this number id is managed by customer's browser. Whenever the customer visits the store again, store will display all the previous record of shopping. This helps in managing cart especially in clothes' shopping online,books shopping and other bulk purchasing.

Online shopping has its own pros and cons. In online shopping, convenience is very important factor. It saves time and traveling. Selection is also very operative in online shopping. Particularly in fashion world, clothes' shopping online gives a very virtuous selection opportunity. It also provides facility of reviews for customer's satisfaction and quality improvement. On the other hand reliability is a critical factor and there are chances of fraud and security issues in these deals. Customer's privacy is a serious issue also.


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    • Alexandra Maria profile image

      Alexandra Maria 6 years ago from Miami, Florida

      As a consumer, the online retailer's policies are very important to me. For example, providing free shipping and returns tells me they understand the risks I'm taking when buying something I haven't seen or touched. They take the risk away. Also, open and prompt communication is very important. Like you said, online shopping has its pros and cons. Good hub.

    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 6 years ago

      I like shopping for clothes online but it can get tricky when the size chart is not right. I prefer going and trying my designer outfits on, especially for jeans.