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Clothing Changes Me

Updated on November 9, 2014

I must admit 90% of the time I dress like a scrub. When at home, I’m usually cleaning the toilets (I live in a house full of males…so eew!). Or I’m running around Super Wal-Mart trying to find “great” deals. I’m sure most of you have seen post or may have even posted the hot mess that trot through that store. So as far as I am concern, I’m doing well.

There is a scientific study that shows what people wear affects their brains. I believe the study is called embodied cognition. One of the experiments that were conducted made people wear a doctor’s coat, painter’s coat or notice a doctor’s coat hanging. The people that actually wore the doctor’s coat scored higher out of all the testing that was conducted. This study is based on a theory that the nature of the human mind is determined by the form of the human body.

Sounds pretty crazy right but there may be some truth in that statement. When you wear something fitted and well made for your body type; you are more likely to want to go out. Maybe give a speech or tell that ex of yours what you really think of them! When you want to feel sexy then you grab that low cut top, form fitting dress or stiletto heels. Guys it may be a pair of those jeans that make your butt look amazing. Sexiness accomplished. There are times where you have to take a leadership role so men grab the navy suits with a red tie. Women may wear a structure suit jacket with trousers. It let’s others from the outside looking in know that you are important.

Let’s go one step further; you’re a sales associate at your local retail store. You feel that you deserve more and want to move up in the company and become the merchandise manager. Keeping this theory in mind you decide to show up to work in a beautiful, conservative navy and red jersey wrap dress. Will you get the job? How should I Know! Hopefully you have experience and education to back you up. However, I can tell you, you WILL get noticed by your boss and other management personnel so have you’re A game ready! I can’t stand going to a gym to work out, I have a complex. I really don’t like sweating or being around sweaty people. This could all change if I went out and purchased some Under Armour tops and pants. Isn’t that what all the great athletes wear? Or if I buy yoga pants and tops will it bring me to Zen? I have yoga pants and wear them quite often; and no matter which pair I’m wearing or how many times I hummmm. I still want to choke my husband 80-90% of the time.

I believe there is truth to embodied cognition; people really do change when they put on an item of clothing. You can see it when a bride tries on her first wedding dress. When a man is wearing a tailored suit and when a kid is wearing their favorite cartoon character on their shirt. Clothing really is an extension of us.

Look in the mirror and love ALL of you!

The power suit for a man.
The power suit for a man.
The study showed that people who actually wore the doctor's lab coat were more focus and detailed.
The study showed that people who actually wore the doctor's lab coat were more focus and detailed.


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