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Coach Coupons, Factory Store locations

Updated on March 31, 2011

Get official Coach Sales and Coupons

I have listed a few reliable ways to find real coach discounts at retail stores and online. The sales are out there, you just have to know where to look!

Tip: Sign up online at the official site for e-mails so you get alerts to sales. This month's coupon valid Feb 16-27th is for 30% off your purchase at the outlet.

Don't forget to register at the Coach Factory Offer link below, this is how you get on the mailing list for Coach Outlet coupons. This is the best way to get official coupons from Coach for a Factory Store near you.

I stumbled upon a Coach outlet store in my area of Texas where I found purse sales for 75% off original price. Ever since, I can't bring myself to pay the original retail ticket of the item. You can find the signature collection purses, seasonal handbags, coach sneakers, belts and more at the Coach Outlet stores. In the regular mall Coach store locations I have made a purchase and later was mailed a coupon for the Coach store so repeat shoppers get great discounts.

On a Satruday when I have a coupon, I can expect to wait in line at one particular location in Allen, TX for 25-45 minutes, but for the 80% savings I end up getting - it is worth the wait! The Allen Outlet Mall Coach Factory Store has some of the best deals on designer goods and has the largest selection in the whole region.

When I get a coupon in the mail for the Allen, TX Coach outlet location, the store will still just prints them out and hand them to customers in store the day of the sale. So if you don't get a coupon in the mail but know it is a coupon weekend, just show up and you will get a discount anyway.

Shop Online

Many 3rd party sellers at places like Amazon and eBay do buy a lot of items from the Coach outlets and pass the savings along to you. It is possible to find authentic Coach handbags online. Read seller reviews and customer comments first and don't every buy if you are suspicious.


eBay and other online sites are a good place to find gently worn Coach items at a discount. If you don't mind buying second-hand items, you can save a lot of money. Stores like Plato's closet and Buffalo Exchange get in good product, but you have to hunt for it. Buffalo Exchange and the better GoodWill Boutique can be the unexpected place to find your next deal. The GoodWill boutique stores are located in the more affluent area where donations for name brand merchandise can be sent and the market demand for brand names is greater.


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    • profile image

      johny five 5 years ago

      I found all Coach outlet stores and directions here

    • Elise Scott profile image

      Elise Scott 6 years ago from Chicagp

      Thanks! I have my eye on the madison lindsey bag, but to pay the full price makes me cringe. I will definitely use your tips as I shop around for it :)

    • klw5200 profile image

      klw5200 8 years ago from Pennsauken,NJ

      great hub,

      As soon as I saw the title, I sent it to my wife!