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Coach Handbags, My Guilty Pleasure

Updated on May 29, 2012

© 2012 Katina Davenport

I never have been a woman obsessed with designer labels. It wasn't an absolute desire, especially with purses. As with time, some things just change. I have changed, and have come to adore the luxury in Coach Handbags. Although I am not obsessed with designer labels, I still admire the beauty of this brand.

Over the years things have changed with this line of designer handbags. More fabrics are used in making this product, not just leather. If you happen to be a person that is not thrilled with leather products then you have options. More colors and designs are offered to bring character and life into the purse. The brand offers bags in sateen, kaki, and patent leather.

Growing up, I would see women and teenagers carrying Coach Handbags and thought what is the big deal. They only seemed to carry a few styles and colors. Back then, I would much rather carry the denim purse I purchased from one of those accessory stores for girls. However, in recent years Coach Handbags have become very appealing. The style selection has increased, while still maintaining its quality. These are the kind of handbags that will last. Now that I have grown into the woman that I am today, I understand the importance of a well-made product. Other lower-end designer labels that I own do not have the same staying power as Coach. After a couple of years I can see the wear and tear on the item.


One of my favorite styles of Coach is this Ashley Satchel. I particularly love this purse style because I can easily grab the purse, wear it around my forearm, or close against my body just underneath my arm. I am not big on long straps so this design works well for me. The sateen feel along with the leather and Coach’s signature “C” is a very classic look. I wear a lot of black with splashes of color accessories so this handbag goes perfectly with majority of my outfits.

Desiger Purse Scams

As the economy is growing weaker many are looking for ways to cut costs. If you were used to having a gourmet coffee every morning then you would just totally cut it out of your budget. For women accustomed to buying designer things it may mean purchasing off brand products. If you do decide to purchase off brand or knock off designer labels remember the quality is not there and it doesn’t last.

I have had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a handbag from New York’s famous Canal Street. This little section had a lot of goodies and handbags too. Street vendors were very prevalent ready to make a deal. I thought since I was in New York I could get a better deal on a handbag. A designer handbag should not be purchased on the street corner. Well, I won’t mention the brand name. Needless to say I got scammed. My perfect little clutch broke in about a few months. It looked authentic. It felt authentic, but I was out of $35 and without a purse.

I would recommend anyone buying designer label handbags online or at a store not known for carrying designer labels to check the stitching. Designer handbags are well crafted and have beautiful stitching. Check the tag on the inside. If there is no tag or the tag is stamped then it is probably fake. The inside should be lined, usually with leather. If there is wear and tear, as with my purse, then it’s fake.

Nonetheless, buying one of these luxury purses is really a luxury, yet still I will not sacrifice quality over cost. Coach purses really are my guilty pleasure.


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    • profile image

      grozdan 5 years ago

      A++++ great product

    • profile image

      Prafulla Kulkarni 5 years ago

      All the information are mention in detailed , its very usful information about the products (purses, bags) all the bags are very nice,attractive,comfortable,etc.

    • profile image

      Govind 5 years ago

      The above bags are awesome. I have purchased so many bags but these bags are very good and better than my previous bags. It is very royal and quite helpful in the journey.