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Coach Penelope

Updated on March 21, 2011

Penelope Leather Shopper

The Coach brand is well known for bringing out different pieces each season to get you excited about buying the next really great bag. And each line has its own personality that a person can identify with and its own unique styles to draw a certain buyer.

I find the Coach Penelope line rather unique in the fact that is mixes very classic leather pieces with the more trendy op art and tops of the collection with a python clutch and medium suitcase both selling for over $1000. That my friends is quite difference.

The Classic pieces of this collection include the Penelope leather shopper. Which is avialable in 5 colors: black, white, cobalt, coral, and lilac. This handbag has two straps that are 18" with one exterior zip pocket. A very classic looking handbag. You can purchase this handbag in a normal size or a the larger shopper depending on how much you need to be able to carry in your Penelope handbag.  The retail price for this shopper is $348-$398.  The current average selling price on ebay is $306 with many of those buyers selling with free shipping.  And I am seeing a lot of winning bids be in dollars and cents.  So maybe consider bidding $299.99 instead of just $299. 


Coach Penelope Leather Hobo

And slightly smaller and more streamlined looking leather bag is the Penelope leather hobo which also is accompanied by a Penelope leather small hobo.  This small hobo is a personal favorite as the size and look is a just a great purse to have in your collection.  The strap is a great 12 1/12 in strap with a 10 in drop so it fits just perfect on your shoulder.  With a secure zip top closure and beautiful pebbled leather with patent leather trim this is timeless piece. 

Penelope Leather Satchel

The Penelope Leather Satchel is a bit taller than the leather shopper with a bit of shorter strap.  In my opinion, it has an more boxy look to it.  This satchel is offered in black, cobalt or white all with silver accents.  There is an exterior back zip pocket on this satchel with the standard inside zip pocket and mulitfunction pocket.  With the pebbled leather on the outside you can enjoy a fabric lining on the inside of this satchel.  This satchel retails for $448.   

Penelope Signature Shantung

Have you seen the lightweight woven cotton Shantung fabric that Coach is using? This Shantung fabric give the Coach style a new look. And are we really surprised, since Coach is continuously looking for ways to reach a larger customor base? And hers again you have a variety of choices. The small hobo and hobo style give you a great everday bag. The signature shangtung shopper and larger shopper give you more of tote looking bag with the same fun shangtung material. So you choose what best fits your needs and wants.

If you are looking for something a bit smaller than the small hobo you might possibly want to consider the Coach Penelope signatue shantung french purse 

Penelope Op Art

The Penelope Op Art line brings more variety to this great Coach line.  The Penelope Op Art North-South tote is a super great tote to use for anything a girl could possibly need.  You can choose a use all the time black or go for green, lilac, or orange color for a fun colored tote.  The Op Art sytle on this tote is a basic pattern that does not over emphasize Coach branding.  The top of the tote has a thicker leather trim to give the tote a more polished look. 

A great accessory for your tote is to buy an op art clutch to keep your id and money together in the tote.  These of course come in same colors of the totes.

The Penelope Op Art shopper or Penelope Op Art Satchel give you more a purse look than the tote.  Both bags are roomy to carry your things with the fun Op Art design. 


Have a great time enjoying your Penelope pieces. 


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    • Johnyboy profile image

      Johnyboy 7 years ago

      These Coach handbag designs are truly amazing. Thanks for delighting our eyes with these.