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Coach Slim Envelope Wallet

Updated on May 10, 2011

Coach Wallet : Slim Envelope Wallet





As with all Coach product when it comes to quality and selection, you have great quality and tons of choices. The same is true of the Coach slim envelope wallet. You have your choice to personalize your wallet choice to her fashion taste and functionality needs. This line of wallets comes in a huge variety of leather colors and signature patterns.


Your choices include the Hampton line include


Vintage slim


Signature slim


Leather tote


Your choices in the Bleecker line include


Patent leather slim


Leather woven slim


Signature frame slim



Features included in both wallets styles include twelve credit card pockets, full-length bill compartment, turn lock closure, fabric lining, multi-function pocket, light weight leather


Features that vary included inside coin pocket with zip closure, outside front or back pockets with closures, strap with clip to form a wallet or wristlet. If these features are not exactly what are you looking for, no biggie Coach offers 5 other wallet styles with of course variations of each style. Shop until you find what you are looking for and then buy at a discount.


Did you know you can find great deals on slim envelope wallets online with saving around 43%! With the range of line of wallets being $228-$298. We are talking about saving real money here.


Here are some examples of past online sales from ebay…


New coach Hampton signature slim wallet sold $99


Coach parchment soho flap slim sold $72.99


Coach soho leather/logo slim envelope wallet sold $76


Coach soho signature slim envelope wallet khaki sold $86


Coach signature slim enevelope wallet sold $76


Coach gold signature floral slim envelope sold $112.50


Coach slim envelope wallet black sold $80



Convinced now? Start shopping and save money!


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