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How to get a Coach regular store handbag at a discounted price?

Updated on July 11, 2012

Coach lovers know that it is difficult to buy a regular store handbag at a discounted price. Some might argue that you can get all kinds of Coach purses at the outlet for a great price. However, most handbags sold at the outlets are made for the outlets. Those were never intended for the regular Coach store. This hub talks about getting handbags made for the regular store at a discounted price. Hope you enjoy it.

You can find a few Coach regular store items at the outlets. There are a few items at the outlets that were once sold at a regular store. You will have to know the differences between a regular Coach store handbag and an outlet Coach bag. Furthermore, if you have a specific style in mind, it will be difficult or almost impossible to encounter at the outlets. You will have to be super lucky or visit the outlets often. I would recommend going there frequently to increase your chances of getting the desired regular store bags on discount. The trip is fun in itself because you will never know what you will find.

Many major department stores carry Coach brand items. You will find some regular store items on sale at a major department store. Stores such as Macy's and Nordstorm offer a wide selection of Coach items and frequently have discounted items on display as well. You can use their store coupons to get another discount on top of the sale price. Again, you will have to go frequently to get the items that you want.

Coach has a customer's list that they use to send out promotional deals. How do you get on the list? It's pretty simple. You will have to buy a handbag or another item at the regular store (meaning regular price). At the register, they will ask for your email address and mailing address. You should give them both as they will use those information to send you discounts. You will receive the majority of your coupons from the mail. They will also send you discounts to your email. However, these offers have a very short expiration date and allow you to get the handbag you desire for a lot less. If you personally know some Coach fanatics, they are probably receiving these discounts on a regular basis and maybe willing to give you some of their coupons.


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