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Coachella Fashion & Music Festival Must-Haves

Updated on April 16, 2013

Coachella Music Festival

Spring music festivals like Coachella are in full bloom
Spring music festivals like Coachella are in full bloom | Source

Spring Time Fashion Trends

It’s warming up. Spring is here. And the summer is upon us.

What does that mean? It’s Festival time!

This time of the year is the best time to be outdoors. Hanging with friends and family and discovering new experiences – the weather is perfect for just that.

There Are No Rules

The best part about spring time fashion trends is...

There are no rules.

The color schemes and palettes that represent spring are spontaneous. They are "busy" like bees. They are colorful and alluring: Demanding attention, Seeking adventure.

Keep this in mind and aim to keep things festive.

Pairing traditional, everyday pieces with dash of something unexpected!

Layering, exploring patterns, mixing prints and playing with textures. It’s time to defy the "fashion rules" of winter's past.

Spring's motto is...Easy. Anything (and everything) goes.

M & M: Mints and Magentas

Mint: Mint pairs great with magenta. It also goes well with pink, gold, nude, yellow and white.

The mint fashion trend is a must in spring. This color looks great on every skin tone and can instantly rejuvenate even the most ordinary look to something spectacular.

Magenta: It's main purpose is to seal the deal. Magenta is often misunderstood. Because of it's deepness, so may think it is destined for fall and winter only. NOT!

Magenta is an universal shade with much flare and pizzazz. It also has the gift of adding a little "class" and sophistication to a look without being too stuffy.

Marry magenta pieces with pastels for an all-around cool and glamorous look.


Get Booted!

Boots during this time of the year are ultra trendy. Check out the Madden Troopa Boot which comes in a ton of styles and colors. Adding boots to an overly "girly" look shakes things up a bit and is the perfect outfit for a musical festival such as Coachella.

There’s something fashionable and edgy about bare legs and a pair of boots. The key is the length.Wear a shorter boot with a shorter dress, skirt, or shorts.

I love how effortless styling with boots can be. You can dress them up or down.

This look is also perfect for shopping downtown, hanging with friends or just a quick trip to the mall.

Get Printed! Be Floral.

People tend to be bashful when it comes to patterns and bold prints. This includes florals.

Trust me. Florals are harmless. So are prints and bold patterns.

Keeping with the trend of this article and the motto for spring, there are no rules!

When it comes to patterns, prints and florals

…Go. And, go all the way.

When going with something so bold and so colorful, KISS. Yes, keep it springy silly.

Keep everything else toned down so the bold prints can be front and center.

Florals, Patterns and Prints


Are you attending Coachella?

Are you attending Coachella? How about any other music festivals?

  • JazzFest?
  • Summerfest?
  • Lollapalooza?
  • Bonnaroo?

Am I missing any?

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What your fashion weakness?

What's your favorite of the trends mentioned?

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