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Coconut Oil Natural Acne Remedy

Updated on July 23, 2015

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Facial Skincare

Natural coconut oil is a truly amazing thing. Most people use coconut oil for cooking or as an ingredient in recipes, but I would encourage you to consider using it outside of the kitchen as well! After doing some research I discovered that coconut oil is known as an effective natural acne remedy. There are so many different uses for coconut oil, but I'll just stick to the benefits that coconut oil has on acne prone skin.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is derived from the flesh of the coconut. Unlike most oils that may come to mind, natural coconut oil actually comes in more of a solid form, but it slowly melts and becomes liquefied as it warms up. It is found in many beauty products and even some cosmetics products. It has excellent moisturizing qualities which is why it is often used in soaps and lotions. Before we talk about how coconut oil helps treat and prevent acne, we should first talk about what kind of coconut oil is most effective. If you intend to use coconut oil on your face or skin you should choose an organic variety of coconut oil. Additionally, to get the full benefits of the “good” stuff in coconut oil, go for natural and organic extra virgin coconut oil. The goal is to get as close to the original untouched version of coconut oil as you can without having to actually buy tons of coconuts and make it yourself. The coconut oil that I use on my skin is unrefined extra virgin organic coconut oil by Spectrum.

Doesn’t oil clog your pores?

Not necessarily. While there are a lot of oils out there that can clog pores and make breakouts worse, coconut oil is not exactly one of them. Olive oil and jojoba oil are two other well-known oils that are known to help with acne prone skin. The key is to use the coconut oil in moderation. You don’t want to slather it on morning, noon, and night (this would most likely clog your pores). When used correctly it can work wonders for your skin. I have been using coconut oil for a while now and have not had any problems with it clogging my pores.

Note: There have been claims that coconut oil has exacerbated acne in some cases based on reviews that I have found. However, majority of what I have found while researching coconut oil and its effect on acne states that it has actually helped reduce and prevent acne.

Check out my blog, The Natural Acne Cure, for more information on natural acne remedies!

Why is coconut oil an effective acne remedy?

Natural coconut oil contains two important elements that make it great for treating acne, lauric acid and capric acid. Organic coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, and antimicrobial. All of these beneficial properties are attributed to the lauric acid and capric acid found in the oil. In fact, lauric acid is basically only found naturally in coconut oil and in breast milk in these high quantities. Lauric acid has been said to be effective against the bacteria linked to acne (P. acnes) which is why it is slowly gaining popularity as a natural remedy for acne. Since lauric acid is found in breast milk, this means that it is something that naturally occurs in the human body. This may actually make it more effective in treating acne because the body can easily recognize the compounds in lauric acid and how it can best be used to benefit the skin.

How to use coconut oil to treat acne...

Okay, now that we've covered all the necessary information relevant to how and why coconut oil is a good natural remedy for acne, lets discuss how to use it to reap these benefits. Once you have your coconut oil you can get started. If you can't find organic extra virgin coconut oil at your local grocery or health food store, you can order it online from Amazon at a really reasonable price. I live in a rural area and couldn't find coconut oil anywhere, so I ordered it online and received it in just a few days.

Like I mentioned before, the coconut oil comes in solid form. All you have to do to get it into liquid form is put a small amount (about the size of a pea) between your fingers and allow it to slowly dissolve (the warmth of your fingers is enough to melt it). You DO NOT need a lot of the coconut oil, a little goes a really long way when it comes to this stuff. A 14 oz. jar of coconut oil can last me over three months, and I sometimes use it as an all-over moisturizer as well. Once you have your coconut oil dissolved on your fingers (when it melts it takes on a regular oil-like consistency) apply it in circular motions to your face and neck, just as you would any other facial moisturizer. Keep in mind that it is an oil, so your skin will tend to look a little greasy just after application, but I find that after a few minutes it absorbs nicely and does not leave any greasy feeling on your skin. Be sure to only apply the coconut oil on cleansed skin. Do not apply it over makeup or other products because it may not absorb as it should.

My skincare routine...

I don't use the coconut oil at night because I use a natural apple cider vinegar toner before bedtime. To learn more about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for acne, click here to see my article on ACV.

Just to give you an idea of how I incorporate coconut oil into my skincare routine, here's a breakdown of my morning skincare routine.

Morning Routine:

  • Step 1: Cleanse skin with Cetaphil cleanser (for normal to oily skin)
  • Step 2: Apply my ACV toner and leave on for 5 minutes
  • Step 3: Rinse the ACV toner off, pat face dry with a *clean washcloth (always use a clean washcloth or towel!)
  • Step 4: Apply a pea-sized amount of the coconut oil to my face and rub in circular motions until absorbed into skin
  • Step 5: Apply makeup as usual once the coconut oil has absorbed completely

I don't use any other facial moisturizers when I use the coconut oil. The coconut oil is actually the best facial moisturizer that I have ever used and I love that it is an all natural option. Prior to using coconut oil I used Simple hydrating moisturizer, which is also an excellent facial moisturizer but it does not address acne issues. Since the coconut oil addresses the acne issues, I do not use any other acne products with the coconut oil.

Other uses for coconut oil...

Coconut oil is great for more than just treating acne. You can use it as an all-over body moisturizer, hair conditioning treatment, and as a healthy ingredient in recipes. There are really hundreds of uses for coconut oil. Additionally, ingesting coconut oil regularly can also help improve the overall health and appearance of skin!

I'd also like to mention that because my skin is acne-prone, I cannot use chapstick or lip glosses because they cause breakouts. I recently started using the coconut oil on my lips as a lip moisturizer and I am amazed at how great it works in place of regular chapstick! I keep a small jar of the coconut oil in my purse and apply it like any other lip moisturizer. Since the coconut oil comes in solid form it works just like any other lip moisturizer that you can buy in the little miniature jars.

Here is a great video that discusses some of the common uses and benefits of coconut oil...


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    • alisharenee profile image

      alisharenee 5 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

      @mpropp- The coconut oil should work great because it helps moisturize and fights breakouts at the same time. I was always very cautious about putting moisturizer on my face because it usually makes my face breakout if I'm not careful, but with coconut oil I don't have to worry about that and my skin always feels hydrated. Hope it works as well for you as it has for me!

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Very interesting hub! I have very dry skin and a friend gave me some coconut oil to use as a facial moisturizer and I found it worked wonderfully. Recently, even though I have dry skin, I have had an acne breakout on my chin. I was afraid to use any moisturizer (definitely would not think to use coconut oil), thinking it would make it worse. I will definitely have to go back to the coconut oil! Thanks for sharing this information and this was very well written.