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Coconut Oil for Hair

Updated on November 28, 2010

Why you have to choose coconut oil for hair?

If you have been using chemical shampoo products on your hair, more or less you will find it is not as effective as it boasts, on the contrary, it sometimes has bad effects on your hair and scalp. However, more and more people nowadays found coconut hair is a good replacement for shampoo as they are natural, inexpensive and healthy. People in tropical area have been using it for a few hundred years and their experiences prove that coconut oil for hair can be trusted.

If you are eager to have soft, silky hair, you should give a shot coconut oil. Inhabitants of Polynesian Islands not only eat coconut as their daily supplement, but also apply them on their hairs. As a result, their hair turned out to be very good.

People who have the experience of using coconut oil, eventually get rid of other hair products they have been using because it works so good. Many stylists use it as their secret weapon but sooner or later people will know it for sure. Coconut oil is good solution for hair thinning, hair breakage and rough hair. It can protect your hair from further damage by adding a layer.

Once you know how coconut oil works on hair you would stop using all expensive hair conditioners and creams. You can get much larger amount of coconut oil with the same money.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

Originally, coconut oil has been used for massage oil. The same goes for hair. Around your bedtime, you can apply some onto your hair and keep it warm with bath hat. You should need some time to hold it in your hand so that it can melt fast. Two or three teaspoons would be fine and don’t use more. Bleached or rough hair work especially great with this.

Organic virgin coconut oil works great in the morning on your hair. Make sure to buy natural, unrefined oil since it has no bad effects on your hair. For people who have dandruff problems, you should use shampoo with fewer chemicals. You can use coconut oil as a salon type treatment and put on your shower cap. Keep it for one hour and wash it out. You can use coconut oil with your regular shampoo and mix them a bit. It can heal your dandruff problem.

Just keep using coconut oil for hair, you will soon find your hair become silkier, softer, shiny than before. It can contain the bad effect of those chemical products and give your hair a healthy look.


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    • profile image

      jess 5 years ago

      from what ive read coconut oil just coats the hair and temporarily seals split ends. the effects, however, end once you shampoo your hair.