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Coconut Oil for Naturally Radiant Skin

Updated on September 11, 2014

An All Natural Beauty Aide

With consumers becoming more and more aware of the chemicals in their environment and what side effects they may have, many people are starting to turn to healthier alternatives not only in their diets but in the products they choose to use on their bodies. Since our skin absorbs everything we put on it, making sure to avoid chemicals and toxins in our skincare products is essential. This is why one of the most popular and all natural beauty aides is coconut oil.


Jam Packed With Nutrients

Unlike most commercial skin preparations, coconut oil is completely natural, can be found in organic versions, and is touted as a miracle cure-all for the skin. Many top models, like Miranda Kerr, as well as make-up artists have used and kept coconut oil as a beauty secret for years, yet now it is starting to become much more main stream.

The reason this oil is so coveted and has been used by many beauty industry insiders is that it is so easily absorbed into the skin and has no chemical components or side effects. Coconut oil is also jam packed with nutrients for healthy, youthful looking skin and is relatively inexpensive.


Moisturizing & Healing

Coconut oil is an extremely effective moisturizer because it contains a high content of saturated and unsaturated fats that easily penetrate the skin and nourish it from the inside out. It is also full of beneficial antioxidants which fend off harmful free radicals and help skin retain its elasticity.

If you happen to live somewhere where there is extreme heat or cold, a thin layer of coconut oil applied to your skin before going out will also effectively protect it and keep it hydrated and supple. Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your tea or coffee also aids in protecting your skin's moisture levels from the inside out.

Not only does this oil benefit skin that is already healthy, but many dermatologists in Europe also recommend patients suffering from psoriasis and eczema to use the oil on the affected areas in order to calm the itching and inflammation.

Organic Oil is Key

In order to ensure that you purchase the best coconut oil for your skin, look for brands that are organic or unrefined. Virgin coconut oil is also excellent. When you purchase an oil that is organic, unrefined or virgin you are ensuring yourself that you are getting the highest quality and purest form of the oil.


Healthy, Easy, and Effective

Using coconut oil is very simple. If the oil you buy is of a harder, rather then creamier, consistency, you can make it easier to apply by warming it up in a saucepan of hot water. Simply take the lid off of the container and set it in the hot water until it starts to melt a little.

Applying coconut oil when you have just stepped out of the shower and your skin is still a little damp is another wonderful tip for ensuring all over moisture and a less greasy feel. When your skin is damp it will absorb the oil more quickly. Applied directly to dry skin it may leave an oilier residue which may not work great if you intend to get dressed and head out to work or a night on the town. With coconut oil, remembering that less is more is key. A little bit of the oil goes a long way!

For a super hydrated treat for your feet and hands, apply coconut oil to them before bed, massage, and then put on a pair of cotton socks or gloves to keep your hands and feet moist all night long. By morning the skin on your hands and feet will look and feel years younger and softer.

The Perfect Beauty Treat!

With so many people jumping on the no-chemical bandwagon it is a small wonder that coconut oil is making a huge impact in the beauty industry. Its pure, nutrient rich, moisturizing properties are a wonderful treat for all skin types and has no side effects. Coconut oil is inexpensive and effective and smells like a dream to boot. It's the perfect, all around natural beauty treat!


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