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Cold Sores: The Unattractive Blemish.

Updated on January 15, 2012

Beep! Beep! Beep! Your alarm is yelling excessively for you to wake up. You hit the snooze button to silence it and five minutes later it goes off again. Time to start your day! You’re just getting out of the shower, glance in the mirror and notice a cluster of blisters on your lip. Surprise! You most likely have a cold sore. How the heck am I supposed to go out with this planet on my face?! Whatever you do, DO NOT try to pop them. Yes, they do look like whiteheads and some people might confuse them for pimples because sometimes they look like a bunch of tiny zits, but did popping a zit ever help? No.

Popping = WRONG!

What exactly is a cold sore? According to WebMD, a cold sore consists of a group of small blisters on the lip and around the mouth. The skin around the sore is usually red, swollen, and sore. The blisters may break open, leak a clear fluid, and then scab after a few days and usually takes several days to a few weeks to heal.

Some people have a cold sore for a week, others a few days; but it depends on the person. There really isn’t an exact clock to tell how long a cold sore will last. There are also things called canker sores that are similar to cold sores but they develop inside of the mouth. Cold sores can develop from the cold, not protecting your lips from the sun or keeping them hydrated, and they can also develop from being sick with a fever. But the main way they develop is from contact with a person that’s infected. This doesn’t always mean kissing or anything direct. It can happen from sharing a cup, toothbrush, razor, towels, etc. Any object that has come in contact with an infected person and has been used by someone else, that person can get the infection.

Cold sores are indeed unattractive and people always think the worst when they see someone with a cold sore. The thing that I recommend to use for a cold sore is Abreva, which you can find at your local drug store. Personally, I have never had a cold sore but the reason I was inspired to write this article was because a good friend of mine had texted me two days ago saying she had this “creature” on her lip and didn’t know what to put on it. They said they had applied aloe and Neosporin on it and it was stinging. At first they thought it was caused from waxing their lip, but a wax irritation on the skin is usually blotchy and red and it doesn’t sting. I’ve always had an interest in the medical field and have had some experience I’m pretty good with identifying things based on certain symptoms, so I had her send me a picture. And it was definitely a cold sore. I told them to buy Abreva and I guess I should say that my friend has been my little guinea pig. Two days later, it’s ruptured and is beginning to scab. As previously mentioned, there’s no telling how long a cold sore will last but for my friend it’s only been a few days and already we’re seeing results. Abreva really does work!

The first thing I told them to do was to throw away their chap stick and invest in a new one. This is because your cold sore germs are sitting on your chap stick just waiting for someone to apply it and those little suckers will have a party on your lip and you’ll wake up with that massive planet. We want to avoid making the current cold sore worse and/or spreading it to someone else. Also avoid being exposed to bitter cold and being exposed to direct sunlight. If you do go outside, it is vitally important to apply a chap stick that has SPF. I would recommend the chap stick called SoftLips, it’s my absolute favorite and it definitely lives up to its name. Ladies, no matter how unattractive it is DO NOT under any circumstances apply any makeup to try to cover it up. Your face needs to breathe and chemicals used for your foundation could cause more harm than good. Next, you want to wash your entire face and focus on the affected area. I recommend using your daily facial cleanser and then pat your face dry. After your face is nice and clean, with a Q-Tip apply the Abreva over the entire area that is affected. I recommend using a Q-Tip to apply the medication because again you don’t want all those germs sitting on the tip of the bottle waiting to attack again. Leave it there for about 6 hours and then clean the area again and reapply. My friend’s blisters ruptured after one day. I’m still monitoring the progress. I was specifically asked not to show anyone the pictures even though they would help show the progress but I gave my word and I shall oblige.

I believe that the infomercials for Abreva are believable. My friend is proof that it really is a great product. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the progress of the cold sore to see how many days it took to completely disappear.

Stay toasty friends! And remember not to share drinks with anyone no matter how long you’ve known the person you just never know what creepy crawling bacteria is waiting to attack!


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