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Cole Haan Heels, Pumps, Clogs, Wedges Shoes Review: (Air) Talia, Viola, Stephanie, Josephine, Carma, Swan, Cassandra

Updated on January 9, 2015

Cole Haan Heels

Cole Haan heels and pumps department offers close to a hundred shoe designs featuring a broad range of sizes and heels heights. All of the primary brand characteristics we previously discussed stand out particularly well in this footwear section: confident use of leather, solid colors (the classic black, brown, deep red, and light brown are joined by beige, white, and even grainy lizard, snake, and leopard palettes in some of the collections), and elegant, timeless architecture.

Over a dozen collections encompass most familiar shoe patterns: light summer sandal slings, open or close toe, iconic Mary Jane designs, bow or buckle ornamented (the latter type offering a warm mid-season alternative), open strappy and woven pumps, winged, capped, and almond tipped models, lace and slip-on, and more. Overall, the selection includes casual, corporate casual, semi-formal, formal, and evening wear shoes suitable for every occasion in a city.

Several lines, particularly the more closed ones, echo their respective boots and booties products: Carma Air Weave, Air Cassandra sandals, and Air Violet Oxford in particular approach some of the most popular Cole Haan booties configurations.

Cole Haan Pumps
Cole Haan Pumps


  • Air Talia, Ceci, and Violet Strap present open toe sling and strap sandals carrying a distinct air of luxury and leisure – a confident summer layout that come in black or light beige, the latter tone accentuating the delicate upper. Closed and open toe variations with a solid heel provides a more corporate oriented design.

  • Air Viola and Jasmine pumps opt for a high heel and high fashion look, with straps of leather (nubuck, lizard embossed) infused in unique purple, gray, and beige shades, and standing on a 3 ½ or 4 ¼ inch stacked heel. One of Cole Haan unapologetic, couture friendly heels.

  • Air Stephanie and Josephine exhibit a classic suede and leather pump shoe, with a seamless or capped tip (zipper detail), and a solid column or stacked heel. These are some of the brand's calmer, casual models; slip-on Clogs from the same collections venture further into informal territory.

  • Air Carma, Violet Oxford and Swan Sandal display a mid-season (closed, semi-closed) laced, weaved, and/or embossed shoes made from leather, velvet, suede, calfskin and vachetta – these collections resemble booties, but usually demonstrate a more open (including OT) modeling.


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