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Cole Haan Women's, Men's Shoes Guide-Review: Boots, Pumps, Heels, Sandals, Flats, Slippers, Ballets

Updated on January 9, 2015

Cole Haan

Cole Haan is an established American-based shoes, handbags and accessories brand approaching its first centenary – an undeniable indication of its enduring popularity. A daughter company of the clothing&footwear giant Nike, Cole Haan incorporates some of the parent's sports insole technologies even in the most classy heels and strap sandals, and defies the accepted notion that beauty and accentuated elegance cannot go in hand with comfort.

It is thus not surprising that Maria Sharapova, a successful athlete who embodies both elegance and elasticity has become and ambassador for the company.

Range of products

Cole Haan make practically all familiar types of shoes for women and men: heels and pumps, boots and booties, sandals and flats, ballets and slippers, loafers and moccasins; handbags comprise another essential category for the brand – a selection of crossbody and shoulder bags, hobos and totes, and satchels and clutches.

Accessories segment includes wallets, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, key fobs and other items that usually incorporate leather. Coats, gloves, hats and socks form a relatively small, yet quite warming category.

All in all the range of styles encompasses most business casual and formal evening wear, though quite a few notable collections can be worn in a casual setting without raising eyebrows.


Some of the best known lines are: (“Air”, the Nike inspired prefix, precedes all collections) Avalon, Astrid, Ariana, Bacara, Bria, Colton, Carma, Cassandra, Cassidy, Daughtry, Dione, Dana, Erika, Eliana, Estadio, Fiona, Fae, Grant, Georgina, Gallant, Hilary, Holden, Ivette, Infinity, Janet, Juno, Jackson, Kennedy, Kailey, Liberty, Lainey, Melanie, Miranda, Nicole, Neroli, Oleanna, Olivia, Petra, Swan, Sara, Talia, Tantivy, Violet, Vail, Winslow, Whitney, Yacht, Zanna, and others.


During the last several seasons Cole Haan have made shoes that exhibit consistent stylistic characteristics. While each collection carries it's own unique mark, and reveals slight deviations from these major design and aesthetic qualities, the latter can still be traced in one component of the shoe or the other:

  • Solid colors – with preference for gloss, but matted models also exist; quiet yet expressive earthy colors dominate the palette (all shades of browns, various burgundy, blacks, beige, cream, tones, and grays), though designers will occasionally play with bright yellow, reds, and other shades)

  • Classic, elegant architecture with subtle complimenting features and enhancements that never break too much towards the experimental, yet willingly flirt with it from time to time. Material combinations particularly stand out, some of the boots demonstrating an effective mix of leather and suede, fabric and rubber, or shearling and suede.

  • Extensive use of leather in a range of types: vachetta, patent, calfskin, lizard embossed, and other. Additional materials include brass (for the studs), nickel (key fobs), suede, rubber, nylon, polyurethane, and others, natural or artificial.


  • Boots/Booties include tall, short, shearling, lace, and stud boots, followed by weave, and stretch booties. The scope of styles describes casual, business casual, and formal – some of the more classic designs comfortably overlap two of these categories. Cole Haan offer about About a hundred various shoes in this section.

  • Pumps/Heels: leather, lizard embossed, and metallic leather materials; Mary Jane, OT, strap sandals, slings, clogs, and other types of shoes, about eighty all in all, raising on stacked, platform, Cuban, kitten, and other sorts of heels. Toes feature elegant almond, peep, snip, and other models.

  • Sandals/Ballets: gladiator, criss-cross, thong, and strap sandals; and MJ, lace, bow, and stud ballets. Two different footwear designs, both flat (ballets can feature a very low flat heel) appropriate for fancy or flirty occasion that nonetheless implies an established level of intimacy and informality.

  • Loafers/Moccasins men's shoes comprise slip-ons, woven, tassel, Venetian, and even sport models (over a hundred variations) suitable, each collection in its own right, for wear on respective rungs of the intricate modern social ladder.


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