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Updated on May 16, 2011
Skin Texture That Lacks Collagen
Skin Texture That Lacks Collagen
Skin Texture When Replenished With Collagen
Skin Texture When Replenished With Collagen


The beauty of skin is universal. Beautiful skin instantly bestows you with the mark of healthy, the quality of being attractive and the undeniable beauty to all behold. Skin is more that just skin; it is your branding.


Do you know that our skin as 70% collagen in the dermis layer? Collagen plays an important role to maintain skin’s moisture and elasticity. It is what keeps our skin plump, bouncy and rosy. Unfortunately, after 25 years old, the synthesis rate of collagen in our skin decrease significantly. Added to that, stress and environmental aggressors such as pollutants, atmospheric radiation and UV rays are everywhere to attack our skin, leading to various skin afflictions and signs of aging over time.


Beautiful skin adds instantly to the perception of beautiful. It is the hallmark of beauty and a symbol of health that is naturally appealing. Studies have shown that women lose collagen at a faster rate than men (same age group) as women undergo menstrual period, childbirth, lactation and others, therefore needing to consume more collagen.

Studies have also shown that adults aged 30 and above attain the best beauty results when they consume a collagen dose of 4500mg – 5000mg. At least one dose every alternate day for optimum skin maintenance is required. Lower doses are not enough to show a significant improvement in the skin texture, while consumption over 5000mg collagen is excess collagen and will be drained from the body.


Hence, it is crucial that we consume the right amount of collagen to maintain younger-looking skin while delaying the aging process.


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