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Cologne for Young Men

Updated on August 31, 2011

When someone smells good, it always adds to the attractiveness of the person. Especially if they choose a scent that matches them. And there are many different cologne brands for young men to choose from. Each cologne smells very unique and distinguishable, so it would be good not go get one you have smelt everywhere else in your frequent environment. Young men tend to just use body spray as a cheap alternative to cologne, but if you have the money, you will notice the difference in reactions you get from people. You wont smell like a generic body spray brand anymore and you will be able to have fun with how you smell.

There are so many colognes for young men out there that it is hard to choose the brands that have the widest range of appeal. They are all usually in the same price range, so the competition is intense. If you are looking for a great smelling cologne for young men that is also recognizable, you will probably appreciate the majority of smells and it will be a case of which brand you like the most. The following list is a collection of the top five colognes for young men. Any young male will like at least one of the following brands and be happy to wear it wherever he wants. Each cologne will also contain a short review of the brand by like minded peers.


Best Cologne For Young Men

Swiss Army Altitude

"This cologne is my go to scent. It's not only the design that is so attractive but the smell. It has a unique smell, with that of the outdoors, and a hint of wood. I really like it, it is very powerful so only use a little bit. The only complaint I've heard from friends is that it smells "too outdoorsy". In all honesty, that's what I was going for! "


Polo Black

"Smell! Little strong at first(but what colognes are not?) and settles to a smooth, fresh smell that is not spicey or musky. By far the best smelling cologne out there. I have had dozens of ladies from 18 to 35 tell me how much they love this cologne. Costs a little more, but it is worth it!!


Lacoste Essential

"The cologne is perfect for spring into summer time, especially when you sweat. Why when you sweat? Lacoste Essential is probably one of the ONLY colognes in the world that uses a technology in which it reactivates itself when body temperature goes up."


Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce

"This cologne smells incredible and every time I've worn it when on a date I get remarks such as, "Oh my gosh, is that you that smells like heaven?" recommend it to anyone lookin to do some womanizing."


Burberry Brit

"I wear this cologne daily and it never fails to make my wife snuggle up to me and tell me how good I smell. I've been through a couple of bottles already & can't say enough good things about it. I'm also in and out of businesses all day dealing with the public & it seems some woman is always asking me what I'm wearing. When I tell my wife she just smiles and says they have good taste."


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