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Color Huez As Seen On TV Reviews - Hair Color ASOTV

Updated on April 19, 2013

buy color huez hair color chalk

Color Huez As Seen On TV Reviews

I just saw the infomercial for Color Huez As Seen On TV hair coloring that looks like a compact for makeup and turns your hair, red, blue, green or purple. I instantly thought that Color Huez as seen on tv was just like the colored hairspray that you would use in the 80's and 90's for Halloween. Unfortunately with this association I am extremely hesistant to buy color huez hair color from the commercial.

If you remember spraying hair color into your hair, you'll also remember that the minute you would sweat, your hair would get wet or anything would happen, the hair color would run all over you. It wouldn't only stain your skin, but it would ruin your clothing, furniture or anything else it would get on. That is one of the first things I thought of when I saw this as seen on tv hair coloring product from All Star Marketing. At the same time, we have made huge advances with chemicals, colors and this doesn't look as cheap or harmful as the hair coloring spray. So instead of buying it for myself to test out and have my hair match my kickball shirts for games, I am probably going to try buying it for my niece instead. (Isn't that why we have siblings who have kids. We can test out these products to see if it damages our furniture before we let it in our own homes.)

How to use Color Huez as seen on tv hair coloring compacts

The next thing I was thinking about is how to use color huez as seen on tv hair coloring compacts. It looks extremely easy on the commercial, but if you have curly hair, dark hair or really short hair if you're a guy, could this actually work for you? I am guessing yes, you just probably won't get the same look or effect that they had on the infomercial.

For darker hair, color hues will probably not help you get the bright blue, pink, green or purple color from the commercial on the first couple of times. If you want to get those colors, you will probably have to use it over and over on your hair. Your best bet to not mess up the way you want it to look is to start with a smaller section and continue to go over it again and again moving a bit higher. It may help to create a faded look with the strongest colors on the bottom.

For short hair. The hair coloring compact chalk from tv looks extremely small, if the chalk starts at the edge of the compact, you can probably just start it almost against your head (this could be dangerous though,,,especially if you have an allergy to it) and try pushing it away from you. Because it is very small, if the color starts at the edge of the compact then you'll be able to start by the base of your head and color short hair pink, green, purple or blue using this product from the infomercial.

For curly hair. I think this is going to be a huge issue. It's easy to run things through straight hair, but if you have really curly hair, it may get stuck. If you have straight hair, it can glide through when you clamp it. If you can't use a flat iron in your hair, chances are you won't be able to use this, especially since it isn't made to straighten your hair. I probably would buy this unless you straighten your hair first.

Color Huez, the as seen on tv hair color looks pretty cool. I haven't bought it yet but will probably be getting it for my niece. If it works for her and doesn't damage anything in their house, then I'll buy it for my kickball team. If you have already bought it or are planning to buy color huez as seen on tv, feel free to leave a comment below.

Color Huez Reviews - Do They Work?

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