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What's the best affordable sunless tanner out there??

Updated on May 24, 2013

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Dorito colored skin... no thank you!

On my journey to get rid of my extremely white and unflattering color, I noticed something that caught me by surprise. After the last year of using my favorite sunless tanner that I used when I was too lazy to go tanning, I discovered that my "go to" tanner was nowhere to be found!!! I checked all the local stores and no one had my Jergens Natural Glow Express!!!! After doing some research, I discovered it had been discontinued which completely baffled me. Jergens Express was amazing as it had given me a serious dark and natural tan that would take me about a month to get from the tanning bed in just a few days without the harmful rays! So I came to terms with it that I just needed to find something new to use. So my journey began to find something that would work fairly quick and wouldn't make me look like I rolled around in a bag of Doritos.

As always, I take my shower in the morning and put the lotion on immediately after I dry off. I wait at least 5-10 minutes before getting dressed so I don't get weird marks from the lotion. First up was the Loreal Sublime Bronzer. I started applying the lotion on my legs and noticed an immediate color difference in my legs and was pretty excited. I applied just as the bottle stated I should and waited. I always apply on my face last and once I applied to my face, I noticed the shimmery glittery mess that my face had become. I immediately had wiped it off my face but it still looked like I rolled around on a craft table!!! I am not a glitter person as I feel that it is the herpes of crafts... once you get it.. it just doesn't go away!!! So this was a major turn off for me. So anyhow, I gave it a good couple days to try it out to see if it would do the job for my body excluding my face. By the third day, my feet looked like I had stepped in a bag of Doritos along with other spots on my body. This took more than a few days for it to go away!!!! So this Loreal Sublime Bronzer gets the Dorito award from me!!!!!

Since the EPIC fail of the Loreal Sublime Bronzer, I decided to go with the Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tanner. I figured this would give me good coverage and it probably was pretty decent for my skin since it is Neutrogena. I applied the same way I did for the Loreal, after the shower with the exhaust fan running so the intense fumes didn't suffocate me! The bottle states that it takes a couple hours for the color to start appearing. This was much better when it came to the color than the Loreal. The spray was harder to distinguish where I missed so I was left with some areas white and some with tan spots. It was hard to apply to the backside as well. While it seemed much better, the consistency of the coverage was just not what I wanted. The bottle also stated you could spray it on your hands and apply to your face. It felt weird and just didn't seem to give my face much color. I didn't last too long with this tanner. Applying it was super fast, but not knowing where you missed until a couple hours later can be somewhat embarrassing.

The next one I decided to try was the Jergens Natural Glow. I bought a couple of these to test them out. I bought the firming one that is supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and the regular Natural Glow. I tend to tan pretty easy so I always go for the medium to dark tan colors when it comes to any sunless tanner. Jergens also has a Natural Glow face moisturizer. So I tried them out. These proved to be right there next to the Jergens Express. The only downside is that it takes about a week to notice any color whatsoever. So if your looking for a quick fix this probably isn't going to get you where you want to in a couple days. However, this has been the best one next to the Jergens Express. The color does look very natural and you don't get those "Dorito" spots on your knees and feet. It is a moisturizer so you don't have to apply any additional lotion either. The Natural Glow face mositurizer works just the same as the body moisturizer. It does contain SPF 20 and is oil free. The "firming" aspect doesn't seem to be very apparent. Maybe because when you look tan you can't see cellulite as well as you can when you are pale. It does state that reduces the appearance so that may be where they are going with that. The only true way to get rid of cellulite is by performing certain exercises. This will be a topic of one of my hubs I will be doing in the near future, so keep checking in for that!

The Jergen's Natural Glow will be my replacement for the Jergen's Express due to it sadly being discontinued. However, you can order it on Amazon still for the time being I believe but I didn't want to pay for shipping! Jergens is a solid product and delivers good results! The cost for each of these products were in the $8.00- $9.00 range.

I hope this hub saved you some money on trying many different self-tanner products that leave you feeling like you just jumped out of a bag of Doritos!!! There are so many other products out there so please feel free to chime in and tell me what your favorite product is and why!!!

Thanks for stopping in!!!!

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