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15 Stunning Color Wedding Dresses : Wedding Gowns in All Colors

Updated on February 3, 2010

#1 - Red Embellished French Taffeta Wedding Dress

Color Wedding Dresses? Yes You Can!

Whether you want to create a certain color theme at your wedding, or you just think white dresses are boring, there have never been more color wedding dress options for you to choose from. You'll find colorful gowns at all price points and in all styles, so look around a bit and find the wedding gown of your dreams!

#2 - Seafoam Green Wedding Dress

Popular Colors for Wedding Dresses

Though white is of course the traditional wedding gown color - at least of the last century, many brides choose a different color wedding dress for countless different reasons.

Ivory is a very popular wedding dress color, and often looks lovely against skin tones that are washed out against the usual harsh white dresses. Ivory-colored dresses were also once the traditional wedding color, before white came into vogue.

After that, bright red and scarlet dresses are common, usually with white accents. Rose is also a common color, and both red and pink are popular dress choices for second marriages.

Black dresses are more rare but not unusual. Purple wedding gowns aren't terribly difficult to find, either.

I rarely see blue or green wedding dresses, but they are definitely out there.

Frankly, I think you should wear whatever color or colors you look good in and you enjoy. It's your wedding day, you're the bride, and that means YOU make the rules!

#3 - Shimmering Rose Pink Wedding Dress

#4 - Turquoise Embroidered and Beaded Wedding Dress

#5 - Burgundy-Trimmed Bodice and Burgundy Skirt

#6 - Ivory and Aquamarine Ribbon

You can choose almost any color you want for the ribbon.
You can choose almost any color you want for the ribbon.

#7 - Red and White Satin Wedding Gown

Looking for More Color Wedding Dresses?

I found all these lovely wedding dresses here. There are hundreds more wedding dresses available in all styles and sizes, so you will be able to find your soulmate dress.

#8 - Rose Pink Ruched Wedding Dressing

#9 - Ivory and Black Lace Gown

#10 - Ivory and Lace Wedding Dress

Prom Dresses as Wedding Dresses?

If you're stuck and still searching for the perfect bold, color wedding dress, try looking at mid- to high-end prom dress designer lines. Prom ballgowns are often just as formal and as well-made as many wedding dresses, and the only thing that makes a wedding dress a wedding dress is that you wear it to a wedding.

#11 - Lavender Ruffled Wedding Dress

#12 - Sleek Emerald Satin Wedding Dress

#13 - Mauve Satin Ball Gown

#14 - Periwinkle Blue and White Strapless Gown

#15 - Beaded Mauve Band White Wedding Dress


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    • profile image

      Ant 4 months ago

      Hi is #9 still available the white one with the coloured lace???

    • funmontrealgirl profile image

      funmontrealgirl 7 years ago from Montreal

      I must agree with theweddingsecret. Lovely photos. Grabbin' some ideas.

    • TheWeddingSecret profile image

      TheWeddingSecret 7 years ago from Bath, UK

      Great photos, wonderful dresses