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Colorblock for fashion sense

Updated on October 17, 2017
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The lastest trend in fashion - Colorblock

All the greatest fashion magazines and styling shows in entertainment are talking about the color block trend for spring and summer 2012. Some say colorblock as one word, some say color block as two. However you say it, colorblock is a great styling idea.

I have always had a crazy love for color. I love stripes and polka dots perhaps a little more than I should. Color blocking is just another wonderful way to combine color and it is perhaps a little more toned down and streamlined than some other options such as the polka dots. Colorblocking is bold and simplified at the same time, as well as classic and elegant. In colorblock, two or more colors are fused together in a complementary way.

Some of the great combinations I have seen include Red, Black and White. I also like the blue and green combination. Every now and then you might see blue, green and hot pink all together and it looks great!

There is one blue, green and white color block handbag that I saw in the March 2012 issue of Marie Claire magazine. I was excited about it. I love this handbag and it is definitely on my fashion wish list.

You are supposed to be able to find it at Bebe's spring 2012 collection but I took a look and could not. It must be sold out for now but I'll keep checking back. Cost will be important to look at too.

Another blue and green bag that I love is by Marc Jacobs and can be found at Nordstrom's. Similar colored smaller clutches are available but I tend to prefer the look of larger bags.

This bag is pricey as it retails at over $200 but it is beautiful.

Green and blue has got to be my favorite color block combination


Find great color blocking fashions at Juicy Couture

Trendy, youthful and more reasonably priced at around $150, I love this Juicy Couture cross body color block bag in blue, black and beige. It is almost reminiscent of a school bag. Didn't think I'd want to be wearing one of those again but I really do want this bag.

It is also available in a pink color combination but I personally prefer this one much more.

Blue, black and beige cross body color block handbag from Juicy Couture


Color block handbags for girls

From older women to young girls and all those in between, the color blocking trend is taking us by storm and we are always seeing something we like. Retailing at $32, my younger cousin would love this color block bag below for girls, also found at Nordstrom.

I like the refreshing turquiose and lime/yellow colors as well as the metal buckles.

Marais' Colorblock mini messenger bag for girls


Color block dresses

Here are a couple of my favorites in color block dresses. I once saw a journalist / newscaster on television wearing a similar dress to the purple one with black sides. It was white with black sides and it seemed to be a very slimming dress, an added benefit to the fact that it looked very fashionable.

This purple one is available at QVC in sizes XS-3X on sale for $45. The regular price is over $60.

Susan Graver ponte knit sleeveless colorblock dress available at QVC

A slimming colorblock dress in purple with black sides.
A slimming colorblock dress in purple with black sides. | Source

The Donna Morgan colorblock dress retails for $130 at Dillard's

I always love the navy and white combination of colors
I always love the navy and white combination of colors | Source

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