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Colored Contact Lenses

Updated on July 21, 2009

Colored contact lenses (often known as cosmetic contact lenses) offer a cost-effective, and fun way to alter the color of your eyes. Colored contacts are often seen as a fashion statement with an immense selection of shades on offer, such as blue, green, grey, brown, turquoise, and amethyst. A fascinating make over opportunity that can be experimented by all, and they are very easy to use.

Whether it’s a dramatic or subtle change that's desired a pair of coloured contact lenses offers something unique and can be purchased even without a prescription or having worn vision correcting lenses before.

Type Of Colored Contacts

Colored contact lenses can be split into the following types: Visibility tint - Enhancement tint - and Color tint.

* A visibility tint in a lens doesn't actually alter the color of the eyes but makes it easier to pick-up a lens from a case or if dropped on a white surface.

* The enhancement lenses feature a translucent tint (blue, green or gray) which is designed to boost the natural eye color. These color contact lenses offer a slightly darker hint, ideal for those with light color eyes, wishing to alter their natural color.

* The opaque, darker color tint lenses come in a vast array of shades to entirely alter the eye color. So that normal vision isn't impeded the center of the lens is left entirely clear.

Buy Colored Contact Lenses

Shopping for color contact lenses is no trouble at all with an immense selection offered online in a choice of shades, color tints and enhancement tints to suit light and dark colored eyes. Fusion Color Contacts, Freshlook, Cooper Vision, Color Change, and Impression Colors all manufacture a series of non prescription colored contact lenses. Depending on the brand of lens, a single pair can last 30 - 90 days - and that's on a daily-wear basis.

Lenses need to be cleaned and stored appropriately as with all prescription contacts, and sharing lens is not advisable. If you're looking to purchase cheap colored contact lenses than the online market is the ideal place to search, with prices in the region of $14.99 - $18.95 for 2 cosmetic lenses.

Cosmetic colored contact lenses are available to enhance the overall look of a wearer. If wishing to alter appearance in an easy and natural way for a party or special event its possible to add a more vivid and striking look in a matter of seconds.


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