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Colour Colour Colour

Updated on May 16, 2017
A photo of the last time I dyed my hair, its dark and love it.
A photo of the last time I dyed my hair, its dark and love it.

Hair Colouring

Colour is limitless, everything has a color in it whether it is a piece of paper, clothing or a book, the list of things that have color is or what has color in it is limitless. What about hair color, can it be limitless? It can if you dye it a different color just to have a change, can't it? How many people color their hair? Probably almost everyone, more girls do then guys but some guys do it too. A lot of people say that coloring your hair is bad, but there is also a right way to color it and a wrong way. You can even highlight your hair if you want a change you don’t actually have to dye it. I know that when I was younger at about ten or 12 I started highlighting my hair.

The question is why do people think coloring their hair is a good thing or the right thing to do? Well, you would have to talk to people and see why they do it. I color my hair I only started doing it since I was in my second year of college, why well, I wanted to highlight it red instead of the regular blonde that I had been doing previously. Why did I want to change it? The first time I got my hair highlighted it took forever, because I used one of those caps that you pull each strand our chunks out of, and I did that for years but the last time I did it, my hair looked as though it was dyed in sections rather than highlighted.

After that hair fiasco, I decided that I would have someone who knew what they were doing do my hair. I had my hair done another time after that, but I had to dye it brown before I could highlight it again since I still had some blonde in it, that was the time when I highlighted my hair red. I liked that look, but ever since then, I have just dyed my hair every couple of months. Why do people dye their hair? That is the question when you tell someone that you are going to dye your hair, what is there first response? Oh, you don’t need to dye it, it looks fine, right. Well maybe to them it does, but what if you want a change, having your hair the same color for a long amount of time, can get boring and can bring your spirits down. Yes, I said it can do something to your mood because it is true.

I know people that, color their hair every time that they get it cut. Which for some people is every six weeks, I am not one of those people, though. Why do some people do that, well it’s because they want to feel new after they get their hair done fresh in a sense? That is why most people color their hair, to feel new, fresh and so that they have some sort of a change every once in a while.

That is why I color my hair, that and because I am trying to grow it out as much as I can before I cut it. I just want really long hair and to make it more vibrant I have decided to color it rather than cut it every six weeks. I know people that have really weird colors in their hair, for example, I remember when I was younger a person I knew dyed their hair green as a dare for the hockey team they were on. Isn’t that crazy why would you dye your hair just because of a dare but some people do that. Colour is limitless and changing your hair is fun and interesting that is why people do it for the limitlessness of change that we all love so much even though some of us say that we don't like it.

Colour Colour Colour

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Why Colour Your Hair?

Most people dye their hair because they want a change, and instead of getting a piercing or tattoo the cheapest route to go is to dye your hair, the dye comes out eventually. That means you aren’t stuck with it for the rest of your life if you don’t like it. I have dyed my hair a number of different browns, this is because I want to keep my hair looking healthy instead of cutting it all the time, since October I have dyed my hair twice, the first time was almost the same as my natural color. The second time, however, I dyed it almost black, or a really, dark brown. Which I love.

Some people love my hair really dark and others hate it, but it’s my hair right, and if I like it then I am going to probably do it again. Most people dye their hair to get rid of the gray, which they have, and that is the reason why I dye mine along with the reason I mentioned previously. When I dye my hair, I feel like a new person, I get that fresh and new feeling after I dye it, which is great because you can’t always do the same thing over and over again it gets boring that way. So if you dye your hair, why not think of it as giving yourself a mini makeover every couple weeks of months or however many times you dye it.

People might say that it is bad, but they aren’t you so you shouldn’t let their opinions influence you. Especially when it comes to your hair, you have to live with it, they don’t. If dying your hair makes you feel good you should do it, maybe not a completely different colour then you are used to, but something to change up your look to make you feel like a new person instead of going on a shopping spree, or doing something out of the ordinary, that is over in a couple hours. Changing your hair color lasts and every time you look in the mirror you can smile to yourself and say, “hey look at the new me”. That is something that will just brighten up your day don’t you think? There are limitless combinations so if you are into coloring your hair why not give it a try.

Coloring your hair during this dreary colorless time of year can brighten up your mood. that is always a good thing during the winter months right? Have you ever colored your hair in different colors that you never thought would look good but did? I never have but I know people that have.

Coloring your hair can be limitless in the sense that you can change it up and make yourself, look different just by your hair color. It can be limitless because you might want to have more than one color in your hair at a time. An example, of this, is what if you want your hair colored like the rainbow? You can do that and I have seen it, however, I would never do that myself because I am not that ambitious when it comes to coloring my hair. But when it comes to hair color there can be limitless possibilities it just depends on what you are looking to do.

My Hair for the Winter
My Hair for the Winter

Limitless Salon Time

Coloring your hair can be limitless. Or it can feel limitless with the amount of time you spend in the salon because most people don't color their hair at home anymore. I used to but now I go to the salon and get it done, every three to four months to be exact. So No I don't spend a limitless amount of time in the salon, but when I am there it feels limitless but in a good way because my hairdresser is amazing and it's a time for the two of us to catch up which is always fun.

What do you think of colouring your hair do you do it?

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