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Kylie Jenner Lip Kit vs. Colour Pop Lip Gloss

Updated on December 26, 2016

Trending: Matte Lip Gloss

As you may have heard, Kylie's Lip Kit dropped on November 30th and in a matter of 4 minutes... it was sold out. How could it not be?... priced at $29 for a lip gloss and a pencil, and throw in a well known celebrity, of course it will be sold out the 1st, yet 2nd time.

Now a lot of people have their opinions about the quality and how it looks, but from reading multiple reviews everyone seems happy with the shade and how it looks on their skin tone. I myself haven't tried it, and am curious about this matte lip gloss.

As soon as this matte style lip gloss dropped from Kylie and the trend was born, I was introduced by my best friend to another matte lip gloss that wasn't sold out. It had a friendlier price on it and same colors, if not more then of the Kylie Kit. Ladies, let me introduce you to Colour Pop.

Kylies' Signature Matte Lips

Colour Poppin!

Colour Pop on the other hand is an LA based beauty brand, with the latest trends to date. This lip gloss is the one I have tried and am pretty impressed! Their assortment of all matte lip glosses is insane, just looking at how many tones they offer I want to buy 10. I own the matte lip gloss "Bad Habit" ($6) and it works amazing! I apply in morning, drys instantly and by afternoon 2ish I still have the matte color sitting on my lips (that is if I don't eat something oily).

In comparison, both lip glosses serve their purpose and apply a great matte look to any lip. Kylies' lip kit is supported by popularity because of her beautifully formed pout and celebrity status.

Colour Pop seems like it would be a popular brand as well,but not a lot of people know about it. This is where I'm stuck on which is the one to choose. I'm going to have to order Kylies' Kit to further my research!

If you checked out both, which would you want to buy? Which are you impressed by?


- Recently discovered that Kylie's famous kits and Colour Pop are the same company and possibly a slight variation of their formulas. They are created at the same factory in LA and Kylie now even owns her own office there. In my opinion I will choose the Colour Pop Brand because of the way they compare in quality and the experience they have crafting their very own lip products.

Colour Pop Lips!

 Check out these lip options!!!
Check out these lip options!!! | Source

To Pop or To Kylie?...

My question is, if you have tried both which would you choose as the ultimate matte !?

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