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Columbia Gloved Ice Scraper-A Useful Glove in Winter Review

Updated on January 29, 2011

Just in time for winter, there is great solution for getting your windshield and windows cleared after ice and snow have covered them...The Columbia Gloved Ice Scraper. We all know that products made by Columbia have well-deserved reputation to keep out the winter chill and this Gloved Ice Scraper is no exception. No longer will you jump inside the car to warm up your frostbitten hands after clearing that snow and ice. Your hand will stay warm and cozy in this soft gloved mitt with an icescraper built in.

How many times, while you are inside working or at home, has the snow unexpectedly fallen outside, covering your car windshield with a layer of snow and ice. Before you can drive the car, you need to clear your windows thoroughly. Often I have been in that same situation, after a long day, dressed up for work and either without gloves or having forgotten to put my icescraper in the car for the season having to get my windshield and windows cleared.

There is nothing more irritating and uncomfortable than using a regular icescraper while not wearing gloves. Pulling my coat sleeves over my hands or using a credit card, my hands would get so cold and wet while attempting to clear the windshield and windows of the snow and ice. And even with gloves on and a conventional icescraper to clear the windows, most often my wrists would get cold and wet as I "plowed" through the frozen mess on my windows.


Made of 100% polyester, Columbia's Gloved Ice Scraper is made with a very warm soft pile inside lining, keeping your hand warm while you are scraping.

One Size Fits All and Universal for either your right or left hand.

The glove part is sized long enough, fitting up over your coat sleeve, to keep the cold air, ice, and snow from going up under your sleeve.

The scraper with a 3 1/2" blade and a 9 1/2" handle, is wide enough and sturdy to take care of whatever winter has left behind on your windows.

Using the Columbia Gloved Ice Scraper might not cause you to enjoy scraping your windows, but the job will be much easier and warmer with it.

Columbia Incredibly Soft Gloved Ice Scraper
Columbia Incredibly Soft Gloved Ice Scraper

Order 2 pair, one for yourself and one as a gift, and the shipping is free.


A Great Gift

Available in 5 different colors: Camo, Orange, Pink, Black or Red and , the Columbia Gloved Ice Scraper is perfect for any man or woman on your gift list. But don't stop there, get one for yourself too, make the days of cold and wet hands a thing of the past.


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