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Comfortable, Convenient and Innovative Swimsuit's for all women

Updated on December 28, 2015

Marina & Louise

Advanced Freedom Press Release

Fashionable swimwear that brings confidence to women of all abilities, designed in Toronto

Advanced Freedom - improve your travel experience

TORONTO - Dec. 18, 2015 - PRLog --

Advanced Freedom is a fashionable, convenient swimwear that allows women to easily slip into a two-piece swimsuit that looks just like one-piece suit.

Advanced Freedom is a smarter design for swimwear and will be made right here in Canada. This new and enhanced swimwear style is a hybrid swimsuit that employs best functionality from a one-piece bathing suit, a tankini, a corset coupled with innovative trims and closures. Can’t lift your hands to get into tankini? You don’ have to worry about this with Advanced Freedom swimwear. Women will enjoy the convenience of an easy change into this chic two-piece swimsuit that looks like a one-piece swimsuit.

Advanced Freedom recently kickstarted their first crowd sourcing campaign and are raising money for the development. The team is creating a waiting list for those who wish to purchase the Advanced Freedom swimsuit.

For more information please visit Kickstarter site:

INSPIRATION: Louise Sertsis has Multiple Sclerosis since 2001. Since then she lost mobility and her health degraded. She now spends her life in a wheelchair. Since her life changed so drastically, she was forced to accept these unfortunate changes and she had to give up many things she liked. For many years she gave up her favorite activity swimming, as dressing up and getting into a swimsuit became too complicated. She soon realized the potential in creating a swimsuit more tailored to disabled people and connected with Marina Pascale a Toronto based swimwear designer.

What started as an idea to design more functional swimwear, while maintaining style and age appropriate garment for the disabled community, resulted in a design that could be widely used by women with all abilities.

CONTACT: Louise Sertsis, 905-441-5465‎,

Support The Advanced Freedom Project:

About the Swimwear producer:

Headquartered in Toronto, ON Canada, La Maison De Pascale is home to vibrant, tropical colored swimwear. With its trendy designs and high quality production, Pascale Swim apparel looks terrific and makes our fans look and feel fabulous. Pascale Swim is more than just a brand of swimwear; it is a source of energy, of life, and it impacts those who wear it. Fit for a goddess relaxing and enjoying herself in the sun, Pascale Swim enhances natural beauty and elegance. Most importantly, it inspires self-confidence. Our designers live, breathe and worship the sun, ocean and swimwear.

Pascale Swim aims to inspire you to pack for your next vacation by the sea, help you to decide on what to bring for your journey to the sea, or just instigate an escape to an exotic destination. Pack our revolutionary beachwear styles for your next vacation. It’s all about fun in the sun. Reinvent your beach travel with Pascale.

Contact: Marina Pascale 647-930-6903

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