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Comfortable High Heel Shoes That Make a Statement

Updated on December 28, 2018
TessSchlesinger profile image

Tessa worked as an interior designer, designed clothing, makeup artist, and decorator. She also qualified and worked as a color consultant.

Mariyn was comfortable when she wore high heels.
Mariyn was comfortable when she wore high heels. | Source

Why Are Shoes Uncomfortable?

The foot consists of the heel, the arch, and the toes. Previously, the shape of the shoe was made to fit the foot. Consequently, all shoes were built with an instep. As a result of business wanting to make more profit, the arch has not been omitted.

Today, unless a shoe is in the upper price brackets, pumps are either flat or with they have a straight slant if they come with a heel. The illustration below shoes what a badly made shoe looks like (and it really isn’t flattering). A well fitted shoe has a curved instep which will fit snugly into the arch of your foot. It is infinitely easier and more comfortable to walk on a shoe with a built in arch. Even a shoe with a stiletto heel will be easier to walk in and be more comfortable if it has been made with the correct arch.

It is this extra input of time and material that makes correctly built shoes more expensive than two pieces of manmade textile slapped together in the pretence that they are walking tools for the feet.

Insufficient support for the arch can be one of the biggest reason shoes are uncomfortable

Some people have high arches. If they wear a shoe without support, it tends to be uncomfortable. By the same token, some people have flat feet or very little of an arch. The shoe should be shaped to the foot.
Some people have high arches. If they wear a shoe without support, it tends to be uncomfortable. By the same token, some people have flat feet or very little of an arch. The shoe should be shaped to the foot.

A, B, and C Fittings for Feet give the width of the shoe required for feet.

Good shoes have different fittings because feet can be narrow or more broad.

A narrow foot is an A fitting, a normal foot is a B fitting, and a broad foot is a C fitting. Again, a manufacturer that caters to the different width of feet will have increased expenses and the shoe range will therefore cost a little more than a range which only comes in one fitting. This can add to the cost of the shoes.

Not Everybody Can Wear a High Heel.

A Shoe With Cushioning Can Be More Expensive

An expensive shoe has cushioning to prevent calluses forming while you are walking. This cushion is soft, includes the instep, and is shaped to the bottom of your foot. If the inside of the shoe is hard, despite the price being lofty, it is not a good shoe. While many shoes can be expensive as a result of a brand or designer name, not all expensive shoes are built to provide elegance as well as comfort.

Because feet are different, a shoe that is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another person. Feet with a high arch function differently to a flat foot.

Modern Issues With Shoes

Because it takes a lot more workmanship, plus more expensive textiles, to make a well fitted shoes, a lot of footwear comes with a variety of problems.

  1. If the back of the shoe hurts the back of your heel, it is because the back of the shoe isn't high enough. The way a cobbler fixes this is by putting extra height inside the shoe.
  2. If the strap is too short to fit, it is not because your foot has suddenly increased in size, it is because the manufacturer has shortened it in order to save on materials.
  3. If the shoes makes an uncomfortably, loud noise when walking (particularly so in women's court shoes or pumps), it is because the textile used is a rather cheap plastic. Leather and rubbers do not make a noise, and it is embarrassing to have shoes which make a clippity cloppity noise as one walks.They are also awkward to walk in because this type of plastic does not have a solid grip on the ground.
  4. If the shoe begins to disintergrate inside and you find baubles beginning to dig into your feet, it is because the insole is made of carboard (I kid you not). This is particularly so in boots.
  5. If a cobbler tells you that the shoe cannot be fixed, this is because the shoe has been molded together with various plastics, and it isn't possible to sew or glue the shoe back together.

Difference Between Emphasizing Your Feet and Your Legs

Very heavy platform shoes will draw attention to your feet whereas a dainty stiletto will draw attention to your legs.
Very heavy platform shoes will draw attention to your feet whereas a dainty stiletto will draw attention to your legs.

The Ratio of the Size of the Foot to the Height of the Person

In the world of design, proportion is one of the seven elements. Proportion looks at the big picture and decides how much space is going to be allocated to each aspect of the item so that it looks good.

For instance, if a room is small, you would not put a giant couch and an enormous table in it because that would dwarf the room. So if you have small feet, wearing a shoe with immense platforms would throw the rest of your body out of proportion.

In order to find shoes which flatter your legs and our body, it's important to study proportion.

Platform Heels vs the Wedge

The wedge can look good on most feet. It is comfortable and provided there is no platform on the toe end, you won't trip and fall.

Platform wedges, however, may not be easy to walk in, and they detract attention from your face and body. Fashionable they may be, but whether they're glamourous and elegant depends on whether they draw attention to the feet or the face.

Someone who is very tall and very large can look truly magnificent in a pair of platforms; someone who is pixie like will look bottom heavy and out of proportion.

In the world of stilettos, slops and flip flops, court shoes and sandals, the shape of a leg, the turn of the ankle, and the size of the foot will determine whether the shoe flatters or detracts.

Before xrays were outlawed for the possible harm they could do to the human foot, it was standard procedure to xray the shoe within the foot to see how it fitted. Today you can trace the shape of your foot on paper, then trace the shoe shop to check.
Before xrays were outlawed for the possible harm they could do to the human foot, it was standard procedure to xray the shoe within the foot to see how it fitted. Today you can trace the shape of your foot on paper, then trace the shoe shop to check.

Shoes for Women with Short Legs and Long Body

The proportion of the body and the leg will determine whether flat shoes or heeled shoes will look best on you. Someone with short legs and a long body will look best in a pair of heels. Someone with long legs and a short body will look best in flats, but, of course, the look is all legs today, so that might be a desired effect. Someone with equal proportions can get away with either.

A High Heel Makes Your Leg Longer and You Taller

Make no mistake, a heel on a shoe makes your legs longer and, if you're a shortie, makes you taller. Only a very tall woman (5'8" up) can get away with a flat shoe. For the most part, wear a heel. In addition, if you are a little bit pudgy, by adding height through wearing a heel, you will appear slimmer.

For comfort, a solid heel can be easier to balance on than a stiletto. It does, however, depend on how well the shoe is balanced by the designer and/or cobbler. There's a reason the stars love Jimmy Choo!

Shoes with Straps Will Shorten or Lengthen Your Leg

If you have short legs, then you should not wear anything that has a strap over the foot as it shortens the legs by breaking the line between the foot and the leg in two. Your foot, in a strapless stiletto adds length to your leg.

If you have very long legs, then you can wer a strappy shoe.

The Shape of the Shoe Makes a Difference to Comfort

Lastly we come to the shape of the shoe.

Feet come in different shapes. Some have long toes with short feet while others have a narrow block of a foot. There’s the foot that is narrow at the heel and spreads out towards the toe. Then there’s the short foot, the long foot, the foot that is narrow, then broad, then narrow again (bunions).

Here’s where your use the shoe to give your feet the illusion of perfection. Where your foot is large, cover more skin. Where your foot is tiny, reveal more skin. Where your feet are narrow, you can wear a pointed toe. When your foot is wide, it's best to wear a rounded toe.

The shape of your foot dictates what kind of shoe will be best suited to your comfort.

There's no reason you shouldn't use a pencil to trace the shape of your foot on a piece of paper, then examine it objectively and draw various shoes on it to see which shape gives your foot the ability to move and not rub up against edges.

Would you like to wear high heel shoes that make your legs look stunning?

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How Do I Know If a Shoe Will Be Comfortable?

If you want to know what a good stiletto shoe feels like on the foot, go to a ballroom dance store which specializes in shoes for dancers. As dancers have to be able to twirl, balance, and move at very fast speeds, plus they have to retain their balance, the one thing they need is a very comfortable and sturdy shoe.

There is no reason not to purchase dance shoes for everyday wear. Be aware, however, that the more expensive shoes have a suede felt on the sole, and that is not what you want.

You can, however, develop a feeling for what a comfortable high heel feels like by wearing dancing shoes for a while!

© 2017 Tessa Schlesinger


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  • TessSchlesinger profile imageAUTHOR

    Tessa Schlesinger 

    3 years ago

    You're totally right. Never thought of that! :)

  • Marisa Wright profile image

    Kate Swanson 

    3 years ago from Sydney

    One option is to buy dance shoes, then take them to a good shoemaker to have a rubber sole added over the suede. It adheres perfectly well and voila, you have a comfortable pair of high heels!


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