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Complete Guide to Wearing Black Stockings

Updated on June 19, 2013
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Black stockings are a really versatile clothing item that every woman’s closet can benefit from. These stockings come in many different materials and styles. They can be functional in keeping out the cold or designed to add sexy style to an outfit. Black stockings can be an accessory that enhances your total look or the basic piece that you build an outfit around. They can even be worn under other stockings to change their effect.

Material for Black Stockings

There are different types of material that black stockings may be made from. The choice of your material is going to change the choice of the mood created by the black stockings. Some of the most common materials chosen for black stockings are:

• Nylon. The most common material for black stockings is nylon. These stockings are often sheer although some may be more opaque than others. These stockings can be used for professional attire as well as for going out on the town. Some have patterns sewn into them to create a more interesting look. Most nylon stockings have spandex in them for stretchiness; the amount of spandex used can change the appearance of these stockings.

• Cotton. Black stockings that are primarily made from cotton are opaque and comfortable. They are designed to be worn almost like leggings, beneath a large T-shirt or a skirt. Jersey is a similar material sometimes used for these stockings.

• Fishnet. Black fishnet stockings are designed to be sexy. They may have big holes or small ones or they may be patterned to create a design but they are definitely meant to exude sexiness.

• Silk. It is rare to find silk stockings but they did exist a long time ago so vintage clothing shoppers may look for these.

Styles for Black Stockings

The style or cut of black stockings can definitely change the way they affect the outfit that you are wearing. Many types of black stockings are designed to be sexy. Thigh-high stockings are a great example of this. Others are designed to help shape your body so that you look slimmer or more toned. Still others may be designed for comfort. Choose the cut to match the mood that you’re in when you want to wear the stockings.

Different Ways to Wear Black Stockings

The way that you choose to wear black stockings changes the effect of your outfit. Here are some of the different ways that women often wear black stockings:

• As pantyhose. Black stockings worn as pantyhose with professional attire can make you look a little bit sexier during your workday without making you too sexy for the office. Likewise the stockings can be worn this way with a fancy dress to make it more stylish.

• As leggings. Thicker black stockings can be worn in a way similar to leggings. It is common to see them worn underneath a jean skirt these days.

• Worn for warmth. People who live in colder climates may add black stockings as a staple to their closets. In this case, they’re worn with all different skirts, dresses and shorts in a layered look.

• As a textured look. Black stockings can be worn underneath lighter colored stockings or colored fishnet stockings to create an interesting textured look for your legs. This is the type of look seen on artsy indie girls.

• To add drama. An all-black outfit is a lot more dramatic if you don’t see pasty legs as part of it. Black stockings can help with that.

• As part of a costume. Many different costumes for events may be worn with black stockings to complete the look or to offer some warmth to a skimpier costume.

• For sex appeal. Fishnet stockings are particularly worn this way under short skirts and dresses. Backseam black stockings are another sexy choice; these are the sheer stockings with a seam line running up the back of the leg.

Tips for Wearing Black Stockings

Figuring out the look that you’re going to want to create will help you to choose the right stockings. Here are some additional tips for wearing them with style:

• Think carefully about your shoes. High heels and boots are great choices with stockings. Open-toed shoes are often a mistake.

• Note that sheer stockings are going to make legs look thinner whereas thicker, patterned stockings might create a look that’s too bulky for you.

• Pay attention to where your skirt or dress ends. If it hangs too low then stockings might throw off your proportions and make you look a little strange.

• Play around with your style. You’ll figure out what looks right.

Black Stockings in Popular Culture

Black stockings can be a part of any different type of look. However, when black stockings are discussed in popular culture, they are almost always discussed for their sex appeal. Google the phrase “black stockings” and you’ll find that a lot of adult websites come up. You’ll also find references to a few film noir movies including The Girl in the Black Stockings; this is a racy film genre.

Where to Buy Black Stockings

Black stockings are such a common item that you can purchase them almost anywhere. Top places to purchase black stockings include:

• Department stores. The hosiery department of your favorite department store is a great place to look for a wide variety of different types of black stockings. It is particularly easy to find pantyhose-style black stockings here including the types of stockings that are designed to be shape-improving.

 Lingerie stores. People who are specifically seeking a sexier version of black stockings are probably going to find that there are better choices (particularly in terms of styles) at lingerie stores. Victoria’s Secret is a popular place to start when looking for items like this.

• Costume stores or adult novelty stores. People who are interested in getting black stockings for a costume event or for adult purposes may find that these stores offer a better selection of those types of black stockings than do other types of stores.

Black stockings go with almost everything so this is definitely an item that should be in your closet!


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  • Magicality LM profile image

    Magicality LM 11 months ago

    Nothing beats black stockings for sexyness!

  • profile image

    Klaus 2 years ago

    Although nude stockings are great to improve the legs, especially if they have a fine shine, there is nothing better to show to advantage the legs of a lady than black stockings. Fine stockings worn with garter belt or obg are preferable to pantyhose. To make it complete nylon stockings with seems are fantastic to look at. In combination with high heels this is the stuff to drive us men crazy.

  • Kristen Howe profile image

    Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

    Great post, Kathryn. I have a pair of black nylon pantyhose as a backup pair for my nude hosiery. Great useful information, too! Voted up!

  • profile image

    sexy lingerie 3 years ago

    Great post ! Thanks for your share . I share a website with you , hope you'll like it .

  • profile image

    TheLegMan 3 years ago

    I am a huge fan of nylon covered legs on a woman. I am not sure where it comes from and i connect with many of the comments made and enjoy many colors. The contrast of the lighter color flesh with the nylon knocks it out of the park for me. I really love the reinforced toes and the contrast of the material density. My wife has always supported my passion and has adopted thigh highs and really loves them compared to pantyhose for comfort. She loves the Levente Velatissima thigh high but they are hard to get from the US. No matter how bad my day at work gets, i immediately forget about it when I see my wife in a skirt with nylons on.

  • Stockingman profile image

    Michael 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I like painted toes in black sheer toe nylons with open toe shoes, so sexy if the toes are cute. Never did understand why some women don't think nylons should be worn with open toe shoes.

  • Bryn Limitless profile image

    Bryn Limitless 6 years ago

    HGreat post, I without a doubt have a stocking / tights fetish amazing post again I enjoyed and hope you all enjoy!!!

    Find out more about me @

  • profile image

    Jim 6 years ago

    I love wear women stocking the look great and the fit good on me

  • profile image

    Mary 6 years ago

    Need mom-of the bride-wedding in May ok to wear black tights w/black belted beige pattern, or long sleeve tea length form fit knit sheath dress, rose,tan w/black blazer, bolero sweater and black heels ok for wedding?

  • profile image

    Jfranke 6 years ago

    What size would I wear ? I am guy doing a play about drag queen. They said size 11 ? My shoe size is 9. Slim fit. 5'10 No clue.

  • profile image

    Jim 6 years ago

    Good work, try as they have nice range of stockings and bodystockings. Black colour is ever green so go for it.

  • profile image

    Bridget 6 years ago

    I saw a 20 something Asian woman in Toronto wearing black pattern hose with white shorts. It looked very stunning, though a trifle streetwalker-ish. With the right shoes, I'd wear than combination in a heartbeat. Am I strange or what?

  • profile image

    Kathleen D.  7 years ago

    I have to agree with most of your comments. I know my boyfriend loves to see me in sheer black stockings and a garterbelt. I especially like this during warm weather as it's cooler. Stockings also have the added benefit of access for him. He also likes to see me in sheer black pantyhose, but not as much as the response I get from him when I wear stockings. He does not like fishnets and does not find them sexy at all though. I guess everyone has their preferences.

  • profile image

    Suzie May 7 years ago

    Great hub. I have a major stockings and tights fetish. I love the feel of them on my legs and my husband loves it when I wear them with a very short skirt. It was my love of stockings that spurred me to launch and we still sell stockings to this day. I'll link to your hub on our next news update.

  • profile image

    Stockins lover 7 years ago

    Great! Encurage ladies to wear stockings, I love them!!! Tania!

  • profile image

    Assassin Fred 7 years ago

    love love love black stockings!

  • profile image

    pin badge 7 years ago

    In my solitude of heart I feel the sigh of this widowed evening veiled with mist and rain.

  • profile image

    Venetian Glass Jewelry 7 years ago

    Black stockings make for elegant formal attire wear. Or you can use them when dressing down. Black stockings are versatile to say the least.

  • profile image

    Susan 7 years ago

    I must confess to being a stockings girl, and I wear black ones about 70% of the time. They feel much sexier than pantyhose and I find them easier to put on too. Seams are my favourite style.

  • profile image

    Magic Cube  7 years ago

    The learned say that your lights will one day be no more.'' said the firefly to the stars.The stars made no answer

  • profile image

    Gemstone beads 7 years ago

    Black stockings is charsm....i like....

  • marketingkollekti profile image

    marketingkollekti 7 years ago

    Black stockings are king. Looks so great when my girlfriend wears them!

  • profile image

    LavishKing 7 years ago

    Nice! :)!

    Very Nice! :)!!!

    'Lavish' even! (:!!!


  • profile image

    kevin25 7 years ago

    My women and i both love pantyhose. I love when we both have on a pair of legs silken mist and are in between the cool sheets just rubbing our legs together and hugging for a while before and after the main fun . It is a wonderful feeling and i love noticing all the guys checking out my girl when she is out in a skirt and pantyhose She makes me very proud .

  • profile image

    nylonlove 7 years ago

    I think women in pantyhose and stockings are the queens of the world ! I love seeing a women in sexy pantyhose with a hint of gloss especially . Taupe is my favorite color women with pantyhose rock and you make me drool.

  • profile image

    joanjo 8 years ago

    I love my black Cervin stockings with the tricolour tops, they're very sexy but also very smart.

  • OpinionDuck profile image

    OpinionDuck 8 years ago

    Black stockings are great to look at.

  • profile image

    AndyB 8 years ago

    Hi guys, great post, I without a doubt have a stocking / tights fetish, just a quick tip, anybody in the UK after these should checkout Le Beau Lingerie absolutely amazing website with the biggest range of stockings, tights and hosiery I can find. Hope you all enjoy!!!

  • sahand212 profile image

    sahand212 8 years ago

    it was very nice info for me thanks

    i love to see black stockong and pantyhose nylon in women's leg

    thanks agin

  • wsp2469 profile image

    wsp2469 8 years ago from Alta Loma, Ca

    I know the whole size chart thing is just part of the conspiracy to keep men from knowing how big a woman truly is until we meet them BUT my question is what stockings do you recommend a guy I mean a person with hairy legs wear?

  • magdielqr profile image

    magdielqr 8 years ago

    Excellent Hub!

  • profile image

    pearle 8 years ago

    I would go with either black or tan sheer pantyhose. Make sure you buy a good quality pair that have some Lycra in them, don't buy the cheap drug store brands. Go with the closed toe heels. You will look fantastic!


    Unique Hand Made Murano Glass Beads and Jewelry

  • Helen Cater profile image

    Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

    Just to let you know your work has been copied along with mine I will email this too in case you do not get it. I have reported mine and I think you may want to report this pig too.

  • profile image

    Ema 8 years ago

    You can still get silk :) Lovely for hot weather!

  • outlawbybirth profile image

    outlawbybirth 8 years ago from Lycraville, Florida

    YOu can never go wrong with black pantyhose or tights! I enjoy the passion for pantyhose fashion with all my outfits and they compliment your legs.

  • profile image

    Jmell 8 years ago

    Crazy.....I never really considered this as such a fashionable code, but yes, it's important to "dress" the legs for the overall appearance!