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Bringing out the Best in Your Eye Color- Eyeshadow Make up Tips and Working with Your Eye Shape

Updated on September 4, 2012

This will be a simple way on how to make your eyes pop the best. We all have different colors and shapes and what looks good on some can look awful on others. This will help you determine what is most complimentary for eyeshadow and liner colors as well as how to work with the shape of your eyes.

Eye Shadow Tutorial

Shades that make Your Eyes Pop!

Many people do not realize this but choosing the same color as what your eyes are are NOT what makes them pop. It creates a flat panel of color because it creates no contrast. That's not saying you can't use a darker or lighter shade than your eye but do not match your eye color. Unless you are using a single color, remember to use light colors on the lid and dark colors in the crease.

Blue Eyes- Orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel which makes it the most complimentary color to use. Colors that have orange undertones to them will really bring out the blue in your eyes. That means colors such as:

  • Copper

  • Peach

  • Coral

  • Bronze

  • Rust

Will have the best effect. For other shades that are still very flattering you may use:

  • Plum

  • Midnight Blue

  • Granite

  • Light Pink

  • Gold

Best eyeshadow pair for blue eyes is peach on the lid paired with granite in the crease. Slate, charcoal, and bronze eyeliners paired with black mascara will complete your overall look.

Hazel Eyes- Hazel eyes are the most unique eye color because they have the ability to change colors and have many different tones. Colors such as:

  • Purple (eggplant, lavender, violet, plum)

  • Pinks (light pink and hot pink)

  • Gold shimmer

  • Yellow (mustard, sunflower)

  • Light Green

  • Taupe

  • Deep Brown

  • Grey

Best eyeshadow pair for hazel eyes is pink on the lid and deep brown in the crease. Deep brown,grey, or plum eyeliner paired with black or purple mascara will complete your overall look.

Brown Eyes- Because brown eyes are neutral, they have the most color options and room to play. The colors that will intensify brown eyes are:

  • Deep Brown

  • Gold shimmer

  • Violet

  • Blue-Grey

  • Royal Blue

  • Sienna

  • Forest Green

  • Charcoal

  • Taupe

  • Sand

  • Any neutral shade

Taupe paired with blue-grey eyeshadow is the best pair for brown eyes along with deep brown eyeliner and black or purple mascara which create your perfect overall look.

Green Eyes- If you have blue-green eyes this list plus the list for blue eyes will work for you. For green eyes the best color choices are:

  • Pink with brown undertone

  • Rose

  • Wine

  • Eggplant

  • Plum

  • Gold shimmer

  • Bronze

  • Taupe

The best combination is gold shimmer on the lid paired with plum in the crease along with a bronze or deep brown eyeliner and brown-black mascara will complete your look.

Any combination you use can be paired with black to make it more of a smokey eye.

Working with Your Eye Shape

Wide Set Eyes- If you have wide spaced eyes you will want to emphasize the inside corner of your eye rather than the outside. Adding darker colors and extending your eyeliner on the outside will only make them look further apart. Reversing from the normal routine is what is best for wide set eyes.

Always apply the darkest color to the inside niches of your eye. This will make them appear closer. Apply eyeliner to upper and lower lid. Make the inside corner a little bit thicker than the rest. Use eyeshadow highlighter on the outer corner instead. Apply 4 coats of mascara to really emphasize the upper lid and lightly coat the bottom lashes.

Close Set Eyes- Apply lightest colors on the inside of the eye. This will give the illusion of being further apart. The darkest shadow (which should not be too dark with this eye type) should be on the outer corner of the lid. You want your colors to appear to fade from very light to darker. When you use your eyeliner it should be the same space as the dark eyeshadow you used. So line the upper and lower corners on the eye only. Coat your upper lashes 2 times and really extend the outer lashes to draw the eyes outward. You can even consider lash extensions on the outside of the eyes to help draw them out.

Deep Set Eyes- Deep set eyes often appear tired. The best way to change that is to brighten them up as best as possible. Apply white pencil on the inside of the lower eyelid. Use an illuminating concealer underneath the eyes. Apply a very light shade of shadow on the lid and then dab a shimmery eyeshadow on the center. This will open up and make the eyes appear brighter. In the crease use a slightly darker shade but a neutral tone, such as taupe and blend. Use a little liner on the top and curl the lashes and add mascara to the top. That will create a lifted effect.

Convex/Protruding Eyes- To draw the eyes inward it is best to use a dark eyeliner on the upper and lower lid. Only use light shadows to highlight the eye under the brow bone. On the eyelid you will want to stick with darker colors and even darker on the outside corner of the eye. Lightly curl your lashes and apply a little mascara to the top.

Hooded Eyes- Hooded eyes usually have a sleepy appearance. See instruction for deep set eyes, they follow the same guidelines.

Almond or Asian Eyes- Because these eye types may often appear "squinty" it is best to try to give them a wider illusion. Use lighter colors on the lid and darker on the outer corner. Only line the top of the eye. Use a highlighter under brown bone and around tear duct. Curl top lashes and apply to both top and bottom lashes. If you must line the lower eyelid use a lighter shade if you used a dark shade on the top. You can also keep it natural by lining the lower lid with a neutral eyeshadow. Of course this eye shape can easily be given the "cat eye" by extending the eyeliner outwards.


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    • neemamwande profile image

      neemamwande 5 years ago

      Wow, did you do all of the photos yourselfs? they are really good :P


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