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Concealer For Men | Make Up Your Skin

Updated on August 19, 2010

What do men who have faces need? Concealer! Just kidding. Nobody needs concealer. We need food and water and validation from our nearest and dearest, but sometimes concealer helps smooth out bits that are sort of bumpy or funny looking or otherwise imperfect in some vague way that nobody else really notices.

Concealer is sort of a miracle make up, in that, if applied correctly and followed by a good dose of foundation in the appropriate shade, can make your face look model perfect. Airbrushed, even. For men who suffer from an excess of life, concealer can smooth away the years and the flaws. (There's actually no such thing as a flaw, our faces are all fine as they are, but smooth skin is an indicator of health, and therefore contributes to the appearance of attractiveness.)

Concealer often comes in a stick form that you dab at your face, or it may be a less solid affair you pat on with a sponge or brush.

How To Wear Concealer

Concealer should be dabbed lightly over patches of redness, patches of acne, patches of discoloration and any other irritating patches you'd prefer not be seen by the wider public. Concealer shouldn't be applied all over the face, as that's quite frankly unnecessary and will only end up making you look as if you've spent the morning spackling your features.

Minimize the use of concealer as much as possible, concealer is your secret weapon, it should not be trotted out lightly. Then again, it should also not be trotted out too lightly if it is to work effectively. Play around with it, you'll get the hang of it eventually. Use your eyes as your guide to tell you if it looks good or not.

Do I Need Foundation?

Probably. Foundation is the natural companion of concealer. It covers over the concealer, blends it into your skin tone, and creates the final, smooth illusion. Concealer on its own can create the appearance of patchy skin.

Choosing the proper foundation is essential to making this entire 'good skin' plan work. Don't skimp on this stage, spend a bit of time finding a foundation that closely matches your natural skin tone. People used to recommend trying out foundation on your inner wrist or your hand, but nowadays the experts agree that the only way to really try out foundation is to actually put it on your jawline, ie, your face.

You can purchase foundation made specifically for men, or you can purchase women's foundation if you like, it's all much of a muchness really, though wearing a men's concealer and foundation may make you feel less vulnerable about the whole affair.


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